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What techniques do I have to implement in order to motivate employees, and how can I convey personal knowledge or knowledge existing in the company to a third party? Whoever masters these tools and can train them is usually a well-paid specialist with a service for which there are more and more customers. But is that also affordable to companies where teams are spread out over many locations and perhaps even abroad?

“Exactly this question was put to us by an IT company where managers and sales had already been selectively coached for many years within the framework of personnel development,” says Dr. Monika V. Kronbügel (PhD.). “They had very good experience with it, but shied away from a nationwide implementation because of the costs,” continued the CEO of Global DiVision, because: “Coaching is very effective, but it can’t be had for a cheap price because of the associated demands.”

Now that Global DiVision and the allocated consultants have first of all sat down to mull over things, the results can be seen. “We developed a tool that can measure and evaluate the coaching activities at the management level and in sales.”

It entails two essential elements:

The Employee profiles
They are sorted according to the minimum and maximum expectation of the activity as well as the target expectations and the optimal possible result at the respective workplace.

The 360 degree feedback system
It reflects back to managers and sales staff in a continual process, where they are at the moment and what is still attainable.
“The implementation also works with us in the function of the project manager and supervisor,” says Monika V. Kronbügel. “The results analysis will show how good we are.”

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