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Development Assistance

Global DiVision has proven that with intercultural competence, doors can open even many thousands of kilometers away. Together with a partner from Kyoto, Dr. Monika V. Kronbügel (PhD.) and her team are assisting a Japanese automobile manufacturer to optimize its leasing business in Germany.

“This was not a routine job,” says the CEO, particularly since the country-wide marketing research had to be coordinated, realized and cast into a suitable strategy with the customer in the Far East by GDIC. “In Japan, we had to explain what differences there are in the German leasing market and the reason why previous procedures cannot be carried over without change.”

However, the effort was worth it: With the support of Global DiVision, the strategic planning of the future service was completed just short of one year after the start. That fact that the customer learned to appreciate the cooperation during this time is proven by the fact that subsequent projects are now being tackled together in two more European countries.

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