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Diversity not Uniformity

For a number of years now the Global DiVision team has been assisting a world leader in logistics with the implementation of its diversity strategy. This collaboration has produced some important milestones for the corporation, that employs 480,000 workers around the world and views diversity as an elementary component of its corporate culture.

German Diversity Day
The global event, developed together with GDIC, gives 120 facilities around the world an opportunity to make their own contributions to the topic while also raising the consciousness of all sites and employees.

Management Board Declaration and Web Training Module
In 2016 the management board, prompted and accompanied by GDIC, issued a declaration on diversity and inclusion. A multi-lingual web training module ensures that it is more than a declaration of intent but rather communicates and implements content throughout the corporation.

Diversity Council
At GDIC’s suggestion a high-level corporate body was set up to provide an organizational framework for all such current and future activities. The “Diversity Council”, including senior executives and led by the Chief HR Officer, is supported at the operational level by the Corporate Diversity department and the Diversity Core Team.

All of these activities have resulted in the development of a genuine corporate culture, instead of merely being a PR measure. This type of internationally networked corporation has no option but to positively exploit the diversity of its employees and their influence.

Today, this may still be an issue that mainly concerns corporations. In the near future, however, the results of digitization and globalization could also make it a crucial element in the success or failure of medium-sized companies and start-ups.

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