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In the Middle of Things…

What position does someone have who has pressure from all sides? Right, he works in middle level management. What sounds like a nice deviation from the daily craziness far away from the stress curve, has now also created tension with the consultant team of Global DiVision.

“In our analyses, we have never met such frequent bad moods, lack of motivation, criticism from the team and health problems, ” says CEO Dr. Monika V. Kronbügel (PhD.), because “from the perspective of their superiors as well as from the perspective of subordinates, middle level managers are initially considered to be responsible for everything.” It’s no wonder then that your health “takes a hike” if you no longer enjoy your work. “That’s the reason we need something motivating for our managers at the middle level, ” was the request of the customer in the glass industry where the complaining could already be heard in the entire company.

Because the GDIC team was not really surprised by this, as a first step, nobody looked for incentive trips and gold watches. The analysis with the foreseeable result was therefore also completed relatively quickly: None of the parties in question aimed to expand method expertise in management. The middle level managers were much more worried about the consequences of their own incorrect decisions and of plain and simply failing in the daily routine. “Such fears are, however, subjective but must still be dispelled very quickly,” knows Udo Keller, one of the coaches in the Global DiVision team.

Here is a comment by an employee after the consultant team took care of personality development and stress management at the management level: “Now that our boss talks to us about the issues more openly, we have better team dynamics, a new feeling of togetherness and, according to controlling, better results as well.”

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