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New Knowledge for Old Hands

There are an endless number of textbooks, theses and opinions on the perfect sales method but the customer from Austria doesn’t want them. “Please, no standards and no generalities,” was the requirement that he wrote on top of his request.

The capacity of the food manufacturer was fed by a team of “old pros”, who had not just been doing their jobs since yesterday. Therefore, the first step was to motivate a well-oiled troop to take sales training at all. “This needs more than just content,” knows GDIC partner Markus Guaiana, who had to ensure an attentive auditorium himself in the shadow of the Alps. Besides the necessary classics, he also added topics for this such as “understanding buyer motivation”, “network selling” and “prospective customer dialogue”.

It has now been proven that you can also sell knowledge to sales experts with the right ideas. Following the success in the national test in Austria, the project is now starting on an international stage and will be carried out step by step with the customer’s foreign subsidiaries.

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