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How was it again, that somebody had to keep watch over a sack of fleas? Global DiVision slipped into the unusual role of providing consulting services to consultants and establishing rules as to how to keep an eye on mobile employees: "The job came from an internationally positioned management consultant," Dr. Monika V. Kronbügel (PhD.) reports. And what her team had to accomplish seemed a tiny bit like looking in a mirror, because: "The colleagues commissioned us because nobody places any value on what a prophet says in his own house."

The CEO of Global DiVision describes the starting situation candidly: "Of course, the consultants are constantly on the road with their customers. While the Dutch parent company is completely relaxed about it, the project manager in the German subsidiary is only half-relaxed and his counterpart in China is seriously upset if his employees don't report in with a status report at least once a day." Therefore, there had to be a standard that was both international and intercultural with which the bosses around the globe could regain their peace of mind.

"With the introduction of the "3rd Friday" and set meetings at the start of the project, milestone meetings and celebrating the success together at the end of the project, we have already taken a major step in the right direction," says Monika Kilb, partner at Global DiVision knowingly. And the Dutch CIO suspects: "This will simplify international project management for us above all, and we can more easily hire out our consultants to our own subsidiary companies in the interest of our customer projects."

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