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When The Bonus Causes Illness

Nobody really bet on this: Actually, it was exactly the sickness rates that should have been reduced through bonus payments, which according to the objectives are supposedly no longer a problem. First of all, Global DiVision had to clarify with its customer why more and more employees were causing production outages with him of all things.

The answer was actually quite simple: Anyone who drags himself to work despite a runny nose so that he can collect his year-end bonus, infects his colleagues. Mistakes are made and there is a risk of trouble, because during sales, not even the bare necessities were said. One year after the introduction of the new system, everything was worse than at the beginning. Then came Global DiVision…

Naturally, the thing that the team leader now refers to as a “small miracle” didn’t come overnight. So far, it has taken 18 months. After a revision of the system by the consultants from Global DiVision, the same bonuses are no longer linked to short-term success. Rather, the company has its eyes on long-term and above all transparent objectives that can also be achieved without spending sick days at the desk. The result: Clear objectives, clear requirements from management – and the bonus flows into a satisfied and above all healthy team.

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