Some phases of our lives are particularly challenging. It isn’t always easy to achieve a good balance between job, career, relationship, and having a family.

Dr. Monika V. Kronbügel (PhD.), CEO of Global DiVision, knows that many women would like to work more hours, while men would prefer to spend less time in the office. Mothers are often hesitant with regard to this issue because they are worried about being less time flexible while fathers want to avoid financial losses. “Reconcilability based on partnership is an interaction that depends on factors relating to corporate structures and cultures. Offering flexible working models is not enough in itself; this flexibility must also be anchored in the corporate culture.”

The challenge is to overcome deep-rooted practices. “We need to get organizations to breathe,” continues Dr. Monika V. Kronbügel (PhD.). “To achieve meaningful development it is, for example, key that companies focus more strongly on fathers, actively supporting them to achieve a good balance between work and family. One option can be that top management places its trust in the advice given by the HR department, that itself is often a proponent of changes in working culture.”

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