Too bad: these days you can put any professional title on a business card. Some professions are not legally protected and can really confuse the client. Every day we see consultants, moderators, trainers or coaches offering their services to big organizations. Who is right for you in your current situation? Many do not seem to know who they are, so it is worth taking a closer look not to be disappointed afterwards. A small basic decision support we offer here:

The consultant brings his or her knowledge and experience into the organization to provide you with solutions for an implementation or an intervention.

You are calling a moderator to mainly moderate your meetings or conferences effectively. The moderator is the person who keeps you on your toes and on time for your conference meetings. He or she can lead an active discussion based on their own knowledge and background and is guiding you through your workshops.

The trainer will train you, your colleagues and employees with new techniques or other specific trainings tailored to your needs. You furthermore apply the newly acquired knowledge during the training.

Then the coach will bring your organization to the next level “the premier league”. With a top experienced coach you will obtain development not only for you personally but also for your organization. A coach will not provide you with answers to solutions. The coach will guide, empower and create accountability for you and your team to reach your highest goals. Before you hire such a coach you might want to focus on personal development of your high potentials. Be ready for the challenge.

Obviously, there are multiple tasks and projects to handle in a bigger organization. Hence you might initially need a trainer for your team who then additionally and concurrently can provide coaching to your leadership team. In such cases, we recommend that you engage in an experienced partner for your organization who can provide you with an end to end approach across many disciplines.

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