A company in the tourism industry asked Global DiVision to come up with a strategy for successful digital transformation. The client had two key requirements – their employees’ reservations regarding artificial intelligence (AI) should be dispelled and they should be shown the benefits it could bring for their work.

“Lack of facts and poor transparency regarding corporate strategies result in employees feeling insecure – they need clarity on where the road is taking them,” says Dr. Monika V. Kronbügel (PhD.), CEO of Global DiVision.

Today, every one of us uses AI in many areas – and this undoubtedly also includes some of the workers who fear that its introduction will endanger their jobs. Speech recognition, navigation, alarm systems – almost all of us use these systems and their AI.

It is essential to clearly communicate strategies and what digitization entails. If employees know the specific impact that the introduction of AI will have on their daily work routines and are confident that it will not result in them losing their jobs but instead will make day-to-day operations simpler, then their anxieties regarding the changeover will quickly morph into excitement.

The threat involved in introducing AI into a company revolves around uncertainty and the corresponding scope for interpretation regarding “unemployment”, “dependency”, or “total surveillance”. If business owners and executives focus on the opportunities and positive effects for daily work routines, clearly communicating the advantages, then AI will be perceived as a genuine opportunity for enrichment.

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