In Parts 1 and 2 of our series we focused on selecting employees and management. In Part 3 we provide inspiration for developing your team in a way that allows you to promote success by exploiting diversity.

Fair performance assessments; equal access to top-level projects; promotions; and salary increases based on employees’ actual merit are key to a team’s success. Dr. Monika V. Kronbügel (PhD.), CEO of Global DiVision, knows from many years of experience that “employees who are members of minorities usually have to work harder to prove themselves and that white male team members are often allowed to behave in ways that minority group employees are not.” Numerous studies also show that it is easier for white male employees to climb the corporate ladder than, for example, people of color or women.

Implementing the following measures will ensure that you avoid potential hazards when assessing performance or awarding promotions:

1. Define clear evaluation criteria.
Focus on actual performance, not assessed potential and base every evaluation on predefined standards that provide as much data and precise wordings as possible.

2. Draw clear lines between performance and potential as well as between personality and abilities.
Should potential be an important issue for your company, then it should be assessed in a separate process. When doing so, the evaluation criteria should again be clearly defined.

3. Ensure employees have equal opportunities to sell themselves.
Provide all employees with dedicated tools that allow them to assess their own performance. A short list of evaluation criteria can help employees to avoid being too modest or too over-confident.

4. Explain how training, promotion, and salary decisions are made and adhere to these procedures.
Develop an anonymization strategy to ensure fair treatment of all candidates being considered for a promotion. This can be achieved by using a color-coded list that includes clear guidelines on the requirements that candidates must meet to be promoted.

It is important to make changes in corporate culture, however it is, unfortunately, not possible to implement them overnight. On the positive side, you can begin the process right now.

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