We too use social networks because we know that channels are the perfect way to establish direct contact with our target group. If you want to enter into a dialog with fans, followers and the others, you must, however, talk about topics that interest them, not simply put out messages that you want to share.

If you take a close look at online tips for successful social networking you could be forgiven for thinking that there are no rules on what is guaranteed to make a post successful and that there is sometimes a fine line between a successful post and an unclicked, shriveled contribution on a time line.

Our response to this is, as always, to focus on dialog. The goal is to optimize our posts so that, on the one hand, they demonstrate our expertise and, on the other, they interest you and/or reflect your needs. We want to deliver interesting content for our target group – so our question to you is:

What do you want to read? What would you like more of and what should we cut? Whether text, videos, pictures or content, talk to us so that we can deliver even better content.

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