Over for good! What a golden age it was for large companies and organizations. Human Resources was still called the Personnel Department and job applicants were queuing up for the limited number of vacancies that promised to be the start of a great career.

Over for good! Today, it is the applicants who can cherry pick. Companies begin fighting over candidates at the college level, vying with each other to be the most attractive employer.

Over for good! Today, no company will recruit new employees by offering huge bonuses; smart company cars; or lavish expense accounts. The key issues are increasingly inner values; image; work-life balance; and the company’s social and ecological competences. Put in a nutshell, companies must also become brands “on the inside” and ensure that these brands generate positive associations, just as they do with customers. This is known as ‘employer branding’.

In the age of the Internet, social media, and bloggers it is, however, not enough to simply design attractive packaging and come up with a few smart headlines to position the product. Today’s potential employees look behind the scenes, meaning that employer branding must be developed from the inside out.

The first step is to create an environment for existing employees that will, in turn, attract applicants. This will not only result in the staff making statements that reinforce the virtues of the company that are being extolled but will also ensure that disappointed workers do not leave the company while all its energy is being focused on attracting candidates.

The second step is then to successfully communicate the measures that have been put in place. Where and how can I best make skilled specialists aware of my company? What is the smartest way to put across my message? And what options do I have to make the so-called ‘candidate journey’ – the path from the job ad to daily working life – as pleasant and standardized as possible?

Your customized employer branding concept