Ambigui-what…? Don’t worry if you haven’t heard this term before. It describes the ability to deal and/or put up with ambiguous situations and contradictory courses of action. Something that is more important than ever today. Developing this ability ensures that you are well equipped to cope with the minor and major adversities that life throws at you – no matter whether at work or at home. But where exactly should you start?

The first step is to understand that frustrating, contradictory situations are part of life. If you can accept this, then you will quickly be able to move on to the next step – dealing with such events. Remind yourself that it is better to recognize other people’s needs than to get caught up in a struggle. It is impossible to predict everything in advance. Learning to view this as normal instead of questioning goals as soon as something doesn’t go according to plan is half the battle.

While there is no magic formula for handling ambiguity, you can get a lot out of such experiences if you file them under “learning on the job”. It will allow you to better reconcile entrenched expectations regarding situations with the reality. And who ever said that everything must go smoothly and as planned? Running into problems – particularly in these Covid-19 times – can be highly motivating, teaching us to play the “long game”.

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