It has become a truism that all aspects of our lives are undergoing radical change. Social, political, technological, economic – take your pick. In some cases these changes are taking place at such a speed that they are causing major problems for tried-and-tested structures that actually function well. This has primarily impacted long-established companies and their managements. “Never change a winning team” is not always good advice these days.

Digitization, globalization, and automation mean that the business world is also experiencing constant change. Sure-fire business models no longer seem to exist; the new is replacing the old at an ever-increasing speed. It seems a fair assumption that only teams that are themselves ever-changing will be today’s and tomorrow’s winners.

Company managements face a particular problem in the form of pressure that forces them to make decisions. “A volatile environment, a strong technological dynamic, and altered customer behavior are forcing companies to rethink their strategies or even to question their overall business model,” says Dr. Monika V. Kronbügel, CEO at Global DiVision. “Very few of them can afford to continue as they are.” This is confirmed by current studies and it is not a huge stretch to conclude that the driver behind many of these activities is fear. And that, as the German saying goes, is a bad basis for making decisions.

Large companies are currently choosing to face their fear by trying to emulate start-ups, focusing on issues such as agility, openness, networking, and stake-holding. This model was recently successfully implemented in partnership with Global DiVision at a medium-sized company that manufactures construction materials.

“Thanks to Global DiVision’s support, in the last 1 ½ years we have been able to gently ease modern strategies into our very traditional structures,” says the client’s COO. “What impressed us most was how well Global DiVision worked with us to integrate methods that we would probably have viewed as being more relevant to modern technology start-ups into the groundedness of our company.”

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