…before criticizing others is a well-known adage in English. This time-honored, universal piece of wisdom is one that comes to mind when we hear leaders of the German business sector complaining about the young generation’s poor standard of education. Many managers are increasingly focusing on digitization requirements, criticizing how “outdated” and “technologically far behind” young school and college graduates’ standard of education is.
There is no doubt that the German school and education system could be improved in many ways. When it comes to digitization, however, these captains of industry are wrong to put the blame on the public school system.

Digitization has developed such a dynamic and reached such a degree of specialization in the various sectors of the economy that a satisfactory level of training can only be ensured when it is provided internally by companies themselves.

So, anyone who is worrying today about finding good personnel for tomorrow should also be considering their own in-house training and further training programs. In future such issues will increasingly become a “matter for the bosses” and be crucial to market success.

So get busy tidying up your house – before your neighbors overtake you!!

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