You know this for sure: the days before vacation are full of tasks still to be done – conversations that are still going on – papers which have still to be submitted. You are overcome by a feeling that you have really to expiate for your 2 weeks’ vacation – especially if after the vacation you are welcomed by an overly busy desk.

However, the right holiday preparation does not start when you pack your suitcases. In the office there are also things that can significantly improve the quality of your days if they are done on time and completely. “The German Institute for Applied Labor Studies (Institut for Angewandte Arbeitswissenschaften),” so Dr. Monika V. Kronbügel (PhD.), “for example points to the fact that during hectic handovers at the last minute you often forget important details. The resulting queries then burden your spare time.”

As a consequence, you have to plan a punctual transfer. Submit certain projects a week in advance so that you can answer questions before your vacation.

Inform your customers and business partners about your vacation and give them the contact details of your representative. Use the automatic notification of your e-mail program to inform about your vacation and indicate the contact details of your representative. To minimize the amount of mails during your vacation and to avoid the constant need to take a look at the professional mailbox, an agreed “alarm” is also suitable. If a matter is really urgent, the colleagues can send a short message through a messenger service. Then you understand that the matter is urgent without keeping thinking about checking your emails because you think that something may have happened.

Do not schedule all your appointments on your first working day after your vacation. For sure, there are some unfinished things waiting on your desk. Do not ruin your recovery with a working day of 16 hours.

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