The headline already leaves a bad taste in your mouth, so would you like to work for a company that uses it as its mission statement? We are all familiar with the basic deal – the employee provides the boss with his or her services and gets paid for doing so. This equation does not, however, sound as if it is also promising fun, fulfilment, and a pleasant working environment.

At the end of service the restaurant manager pokes his head around the kitchen door to say “Thanks for a great evening” to the team. The sales director only leaves the office after thanking his team again for their work that day. A simple “thank you” makes all the difference. Even if the services that are being provided are merely the ones that have been contractually agreed.

In addition to this, saying “thank you” will always create a smile on the face of the person it is addressed to – and lift the mood. An employee survey carried out among national and international Global DiVision clients confirms precisely this effect.

1. Building Employee Loyalty
A thank-you ritual is good for the working atmosphere. In the survey bosses reported lower sickness rates and less employee turnover after beginning to thank their staff on a regular basis.

2. Creating A Meaning
Saying thank you is an expression of appreciation, demonstrating to the employee that their work is recognized. This reinforces their feeling that they are making an important contribution to the team and the company and is a key performance motivator.

3. Emphasize What is Not A Given
“I always thank my employees for being able to rely on them,” said one respondent. And this does not have to be a one-way street. You can also thank your boss if, for example, they show a high level of openness and trust during a discussion.

4. Showing Appreciation When Someone Carries out A Task that is Not Actually in Their Remit
You should thank employees who do something that is not actually in their remit, thus helping out their co-workers. It is exactly this kind of informal cooperation that benefits an organization.

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