Of course – more than ever! This is sure to be your first reaction. Rightly so, since every company is built on humans and their labor. But is the term itself really a good one? Is it still appropriate to refer to employees as “resources” or “capital”, as in “human capital“?

Instead, let’s talk about “people & organization”, because at the end of the day it’s always all about people, also as regards products or services. “Here at Global DiVision,“ says Dr. Monika V. Kronbügel, company CEO, “we see organizations as living systems and employees as their most important element.” Anyone can develop themselves. The objective of P&O instruments and systems for talent management is to focus on winning, developing and retaining people. True to the motto “Hire for attitude, train for skills”.

Companies that want to gain a long-term competitive advantage will establish systemic approaches to organizational diagnosis and development – the core elements of successful development and market presence. When doing so, classic and agile strategies can be combined to achieve the right solution. Global DiVision accompanies clients through the entire consulting process from understanding individual challenges through developing a solution design and full implementation of all relevant aspects, also taking COVID-19 into consideration.

Your reorientation to People & Organization with Global DiVision…