Bosses of major German businesses are between a rock and a hard place. They need to hold onto their money because the economy is still in crisis due to the pandemic. However, China watchers will also be aware that the next upturn is already on the horizon. The vaccines that are now being rolled out will also significantly soften the pandemic’s impact. So, should companies spend money now to be ready for a bright future?

Leading German consulting companies are agreed that the answer to this is a clear “Yes!” If you want to survive, you must invest now. At present there are numerous opportunities for companies to grow, either in their own markets or by expanding their product offerings. The overheated personnel situation of recent years, when it was difficult to recruit specialist staff in order to expand new capacity, has abruptly cooled down. If you are brave enough to invest now, you can make cheap purchases.

This also – or in particular – applies to digitization initiatives. Speedy acquisitions of struggling start-ups with solid fundamental ideas combined with the hiring of digital talents can pay off later. The same applies to purchasing of digital tools and targeted investment in technology. In addition to this, there also investments that cost hardly anything but are require a lot of time. Serious research into and consideration of the new requirements of client bases that are undergoing change, whether B2B or B2C, is advisable. Companies that identify changed requirements and carry out corresponding restructuring in the coming months will have made the best of the involuntary break and be able to resume operations with new strength and focus.

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