Can training courses, rewards, and bonuses transform demotivated employees into highly motivated, fired-up “warriors”?

The reality is that the impact of such motivational measures only lasts for a short time. Old habits quickly reassert themselves – even rewards and bonuses become routine at some point.

Genuine motivation cannot be inserted into an employee from the outside. The workplace credo should be “enticement” to be inspired, not rigid management achieved by limiting individual responsibility. “Providing employees with external motivation reduces the incentive to find their own source of inspiration,” explains motivation expert Dr. Monika V. Kronbügel (PhD.).

To motivate others we must act as a role model, inspiring others with our own enthusiasm. “Some movers and shakers are on an eternal quest for fulfilment,” says the motivation expert. The solution? “Discover what impactful thing you have inside you. And learn how to be your own manager.”

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