News reports are currently coming thick and fast. Every day we hear about new measures, new procedures, and new recommendations. What is now required is forward-looking crisis management to re-organize, calm, and, insofar as possible, normalize the situation.
When making the change to working from home, it is key that all your departments work hand in hand. Human resources and IT, the relevant specialist departments, and manufacturing. Their joint task is to re-structure existing processes and set up new ones to ensure that workflows remain stable and results oriented. We are all faced with a unique innovation challenge. How quickly can we adjust our processes and procedures to the present environment?

We are developing effective solutions that allow us to provide you with support and advice tailored to your needs. Working together with our expert network of management consultants and HR professionals we have therefore created an extensive e-learning offering.

Topics include:
• How can we organize ourselves in the crisis?
• What is required to ensure that our crisis communications are effective?
• How do I manage virtual teams?

You can always depend on us to react quickly to the current dynamic developments, so we are updating our topics for you on a daily basis.

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