Do we need “rules of etiquette” for meetings? There are a number of points to remember if you want to ensure that a meeting is good, productive, and efficient:

  • Write an agenda and send it to all participants in good time. And strike the “Other Issues” item. Your agenda should already include all the important topics.
  • Check the technical equipment beforehand. Allow enough time for any missing or defective device that is required to be replaced prior to the meeting.
  • Small snacks and drinks are always a nice gesture and appreciated not only by participants who have had a long trip to get to the meeting.
  • If you are using a moderator, then do it properly. The individual should be factually competent and have a concept for guiding the meeting.
  • A moderator can also ensure that time limits are adhered to. Particularly if the meeting will be followed by others. It should also end with at least a “Who’s doing what by when” agreement. Otherwise it won’t have been a meeting but instead just small talk.
  • Get someone to keep minutes. Even if it’s only some of the participants making their own notes. It is important that everyone is on the same page when the meeting ends. After the meeting, send the minutes to everyone who was there.
  • Rate the success of the meeting afterwards. For yourself or with your team.