Do you want to send personal holiday greetings to business partners or good friends? Then we recommend a rarity that has almost become obsolete in the era of digital communications:

A handwritten letter used to be the standard means of maintaining contact across large distances. Today, particularly in the business environment, it is already something special if the envelope deviates from the norm; the address is not printed; and the writer has chosen an attractive stamp.

Personalized Mass Mailing as an Alternative
The more intensive and close your relationship with the recipient is, the more attractive a personal letter will be, also in a business environment. There should, of course, be enough time to reach for high quality stationery and a fountain pen to write your inner circle. In the case of all other recipients you will probably fall back on a personalized mass mailing as the “second best alternative”. Vary the texts you send to friends, acquaintances, family members, customers, business partners, employees, and co-workers as much as possible, because this is simpler than drafting one standard text to fit all groups.

The Standard with an Individual Addition
“I like to think back to our last meeting in November and the ideas we discussed and should follow up on in the New Year,” or “The way you organized our partners meeting in November was truly excellent. Thank you again for your hard work.” You can supplement your standard letter with personal comments of this kind to show the recipient that you were thinking specifically of him or her when you sent it. Such messages make an enduring impression even though they are relatively short and require little time.