Current cases demonstrate that even people who are not categorized as being in a corona risk group can still fall ill, possibly suffering with long-term health issues as a result. Even if we aren’t always aware of this, respect and warm-heartedness can ensure that we show consideration for people who are at greater risk of becoming sick.

In such a situation, good manners are not only polite but also necessary to ensure the well-being of others. Social distancing is therefore also a sign of consideration. Employers have implemented measures such as working from home, virtual meetings, telephone calls, and emails to comply with the required distance rules. When working at the company it is important to stay at the prescribed 2 meters distance and not to shake hands.

We can also use language and writing to express respect and acceptance. Instead of the standard “Yours faithfully” you could write “Stay healthy”, “Take care of yourself”, or “All the best” to demonstrate a degree of empathy that can only exist if we pay attention to what is happening around us.

The current situation requires everyone to be highly flexible and adjust quickly to new circumstances. So showing solidarity and working together to find solutions can only benefit all of us. Appreciation, understanding, and friendliness will win the loyalty of partners and employees. This is the only option that companies have to continue growing in the corona era.