Computer on; browser or app up and running; and you’re ready for business! This is what many of us think before beginning a video call. There are, however, a number of things you need to take into account to ensure that virtual meetings go smoothly.

Firstly you must choose a location without background noise and no distracting pictures or situations. Failure to do so can give the impression that you don’t consider the meeting important. In addition to this, it is essential that you are also familiar with the software that is being used. And if you also remember the following four aspects of digital meetings, then there is no reason why your meeting shouldn’t be successful:

1. Vision
To avoid unpleasant or confusing situations it is worthwhile testing the preview features before making your video call. How do you activate and deactivate these features? Knowing how to do so allows you to decide when the call begins. In order to make a good impression, wherever possible your appearance should be the same as in the office.

2. Listening
The same applies here – familiarize yourself with the corresponding features beforehand and check your headphones and microphone before you get started. Where calls include several participants, you can improve the acoustics by turning off microphones because then the person who is speaking can’t be heard on external channels. Avoid disruptive noises in the room and, wherever possible, tell the other participants before beginning any simultaneous communications such as cell phone calls.

3. Working situation
If, despite all this, there could be visual or audio disruptions caused by your working environment, then inform all participants accordingly in advance and tell them again when the call begins.

4. Monitor
Splitting the screen so that you can see yourself and the other person/s is practical and often necessary. Here the same applies – familiarize yourself with all the monitor features beforehand and ensure that any background images that can be seen by other participants are acceptable. A corporate identity motif or operating system wallpaper are both good options.