There are billions of stars in the sky. In addition, most of them are invisible for us. They simply do not shine as bright as their “colleagues” do.

The dream job got another, although the own professional qualification was tailor-made. The prestige project of the company is assigned to a colleague despite of his/her demonstrably lower competence. Despite tireless labor input, for the second time, nothing has come of the promotion.

The career is often like a starry sky. Some just do not shine bright enough and are outshined by their own colleagues. Besides expertise and motivation, the employees’ appearance and charisma are of fundamental importance for a company. In every customer a collaborator represents its company. The negotiating partners’ behavior is considered an important reference to the underlying corporate philosophy.

Your appearance and charisma are the decisive factors for your external effect – and, as a consequence, essential for your professional success. So be critical with yourself – question your charisma and your professional competence as well. Moreover, work on your charisma. Who masters the business etiquette, is always the “presentable” candidate for the desired position.

In the end, the whole thing is quite simple – the basis of a sympathetic appearance what we generally call good manners. Be friendly, attentive and facing others. If you work internationally, familiarize with the manners of behavior of the respective countries and cultures.

Of course, in the end, what you do counts. Your competence, your results. Just think of the stars – if you do not shine bright enough, you will be overlooked when it is about the next promotion, about the next salary increase, or the award of the next big project.