Invest in your success

There is no real existing standard for personal and organizational development. However, we are good at asking questions. We have answers which have been proven and tested by experts. Those answers can help us discovering your team’s competencies and potential and ultimately, lead the way to optimizing their objectives.

Think globally, act locally
We all know on the differences and nuances even in the same countries. From South to North – from West to East even if they all speak the same language like in the US, China, South America and other on other continents. As well in Europe e. g. within Germany itself, Austria and Switzerland it is totally different – even though they all speak German.

Global DiVision’s unique selling point is identifying inter-cultural differences between source and target markets and utilizing the information for your organization. We don’t need to find our way to you – we’re already there!

Invest in your success
People are as unique as the strategy they follow. This is the reason why we support your ambitions with individuality rather than with Powerpoint slides – step by step, until your productivity reaches the desired levels, so that your commitment pays off and you have accomplished your mission. In other words, you invest in motivation and success. Invest in Global DiVision.

They way we are
As an internationally-operating company, Global DiVision bundles the skills of a wide network of independent specialists which contribute more than 30 years of experience in HRM and organizational development. We work enthusiastically and whenever it becomes necessary with enthusiastic contradiction in success – your success!

What we offer
Global DiVision provides inter-cultural competence for your personal development or to develop your organization and your personnel in three steps:

In-house-Premium: specifically, aligned with your corporate identity & culture. Global DiVision becomes part of the development processes which we plan and deliver together with you.

In-house-Standard: allows your organization’s individual requirements and objectives to flow into our proven and tested processes for HRM and organizational development.

Open Seminars: for individuals or teams. Here, companies will have a great opportunity to evaluate our trainers’ skills and qualifications.