• We work with you, not alongside you. We want to get you and your staff more involved and committed.
  • At Global DiVision, you will not come across teachers and lecturers, but consultants, coaches, trainers, facilitators and mentors who are working with you.

Global DiVision’s top offer In-house Premium provides content and course material which can be well adapted to the corporate core culture of your business. We not only work with your visual appearance, but also with your buzz words ensuring that participants feel at home from the very first minute:

Preparation and Analysis Phase:

  • Together, in a personal conversation or on the phone, we will determine your team’s development needs (potential evaluation).
  • Based upon the information, we will inspire you with an individual proposal so that you can make a decision. The proposal includes the necessary recommendations and their successful implementation
  • In person, or if requested by telephone, we will explain the details of the proposal and the model of action.
  • We will fine-tune content as well, as the implementation plan, in close collaboration with you and your decision-makers
  • Final pointers can be taken from the initial analysis of your organization.

Integration and Implementation Phase:

  • What have we learned from you and what we have identifed in documents made available by you, will be de-briefed in a workshop.
  • Your branding/customizing will be used as adaption for the seminars to mirror your unique corporate design.From this moment on; we will be working with your templates, logos and your company’s internal language.
  • Together with you, we evaluate which trainers, consultants or other experts are best suited to the team, its tasks and objectives.
  • In an additional phase, we integrate your company’s management into the development process.
  • Global Division also supports you with your internal marketing so that the intervention’s content and objectives are properly understood.

Measures Integration and Sustainability Phase:

  • At the start of implementation, content is adapted by our experts based on data discovered during the initial measure
  • Evaluation, reflection and joint approval on additional steps, ensure the sustainability of goals achieved in the measure. Instead of just remembering fragments in day-to-day business, your team stays in contact with the company’s internal training academy which permanently accompanies them whilst applying what they have learned on their jointly-developed methods.
  • We analyze how your team has developed and changed. We will follow up on their development on a regular basis.