25/02/2020 | Business Etiquette: Guidelines for A Successful Meeting

Do we need “rules of etiquette” for meetings? There are a number of points to remember if you want to ensure that a meeting is good, productive, and efficient: Write an agenda and send it to all participants in good time. And strike the “Other Issues” item. Your agenda should already include all the important topics. Check the technical [...]

18/02/2020 | Sales under Scrutiny

One of our clients faced a new challenge after the German and many other governments decided to gradually phase out nuclear energy. Our client is a process partner to national and international companies that provide technical services in the fields of systems and energy technology as well as evaluation, testing, and consulting services. The majority are institutions with an [...]

11/02/2020 | From the Field – Agility for Global Players

Staying agile is a perpetual challenge for globally active companies and large organizations. If, in addition to this, a company is known to the market as an innovation leader, then its mission is do everything required to stay flexible enough to maintain this role in the long term. Agile structures must be continuously implemented within the organization and constantly [...]

04/02/2020 | Tuning for Your Career with Global DiVision

You can go full throttle from one second to the next. This can be done without any problem driving a fast car. If you are hesitating a split second the calamity is pre-programmed. This is the same with your career: To perform at a very high level with a lot of pressure you need to have all of your [...]

28/01/2020 | Business Etiquette: What Should You Do with Your Hands?

Does this sound familiar? Whenever you have to present yourself to others – during a lecture; on a stage; or during a photo shoot – you suddenly don’t know what to do with your hands. Arms and hands are generally not a problem in everyday life – they perform important tasks and we rarely stop to think about them. [...]

21/01/2020 | WEConnect Awards Global DiVision “Women-Owned Business” Certification

WEConnect International is a global network that connects women-owned businesses to potential clients and qualified buyers around the world. The organization certifies companies that are at least 51% owned, as well as managed and controlled, by one or more women. An important development for women in business. Global DiVision joined the network on November 25 and is WEConnect International [...]

14/01/2020 | Human to Human

Now available via New-York based Swiss national Susanne Mueller’s podcast – the interview with our company founder, Dr. Monika V. Kronbügel (Ph.D.), on Global DiVision’s international strategy; Education 4.0, a topic close to her heart; the misunderstandings around Bologna; and the education multiverse’s influence on this. To hear the entire podcast (in German), click here [...]

07/01/2019 | Well-Meaning…

International experience is an important success building block for many employees and companies - however, it also has unseen risks. If the employer gives employees the opportunity to gain experience abroad, it is important to set up a process that integrates the stay abroad in a meaningful way and at the same time prepares the return well. In this [...]

31/12/2019 | 2020!

Are you, just like me, a member of the generation that feels like they are in a science fiction movie when they hear this date? So be it! The third decade of this century has begun, and we wish you a year that is super special, bringing you everything that you wish for. May all our clients, friends, and [...]

24/12/2019 | Silent Night

In the Christian world it’s Christmas Eve today. This is always a time of year at which everyone, even those who don’t attend church regularly, is able to slow the pace, visit their family, review the year, draw their conclusions, and risk taking a peek at the new year. We wish everyone who celebrates this religious event a wonderful, [...]

17/12/2019 | Business Etiquette: Always Keep Your Cool …

Would you like to see an airplane captain chew out his flight attendant at 10,000 m altitude because she didn’t explain the safety rules correctly? Would you like to hear a loud argument coming from the cockpit during turbulence over the Pacific? Probably not. So why do many managers who are at the “helm” of a company or department [...]

10/12/2019 | Learning from Start-Ups

It has become a truism that all aspects of our lives are undergoing radical change. Social, political, technological, economic – take your pick. In some cases these changes are taking place at such a speed that they are causing major problems for tried-and-tested structures that actually function well. This has primarily impacted long-established companies and their managements. “Never change [...]

03/12/2019 | Consultants’ Consultancy

Too bad: these days you can put any professional title on a business card. Some professions are not legally protected and can really confuse the client. Every day we see consultants, moderators, trainers or coaches offering their services to big organizations. Who is right for you in your current situation? Many do not seem to know who they are, [...]

26/11/2019 | Pen-Friends

Do you want to send personal holiday greetings to business partners or good friends? Then we recommend a rarity that has almost become obsolete in the era of digital communications: A handwritten letter used to be the standard means of maintaining contact across large distances. Today, particularly in the business environment, it is already something special if the envelope [...]

19/11/2019 | He’s Crazy…

… is a thought some of us may have had after an encounter with our bosses. As the German saying goes, there is a thin line between genius and insanity. That the characteristics a successful manager must display in many areas are almost identical to those of a full-fledged psychopath may, however, be new to many of us. Although [...]

12/11/2019 | First Events in 2020

The first dates and topics for training courses and seminars in the upcoming year are now online. The offering includes time and project management, modern leadership, communication and complaint techniques, and much more besides. Visit our website for detailed content, dates, and more information…

05/11/2019 | New Knowledge for Old Hands

There are an endless number of textbooks, theses and opinions on the perfect sales method but the customer from Austria doesn't want them. "Please, no standards and no generalities," was the requirement that he wrote on top of his request. The capacity of the food manufacturer was fed by a team of "old pros", who had not just been [...]

29/10/2019 | Business Etiquette: Small Talk – A Great Art

It’s always there to fill in the gaps when the conversation is not about major business deals, global strategies, and world peace – small talk. It is brief, inconsequential and seemingly unimportant but could possibly make or break your career, your relationship with your most important client or your boss. Small talk can quickly become a major stumbling block. [...]

22/10/2019 | Tit for Tat to Achieve the Ideal Partnership

A long-term private or business partnership can only be truly successful if based on mutual trust and partnership. But this requires more than just hoping for a good outcome, particularly in the early stages. A strategy of “defensive trust” is a more promising option. This strategy is also known as “tit for tat”. What is meant is active willingness to [...]

15/10/2019 | Career 2.0

Start apprenticeship, climb the career ladder rung by rung for your whole working life, and finally retire with a golden pocket watch" that was the reality of the 1950s and 60s. "You can now forget this completely," says Dr. Monika V. Kronbügel (PhD.). In the opinion of the CEO von Global DiVision, the dream of promotion from the former [...]

08/10/2019 | What Headline Would You Like?

We too use social networks because we know that channels are the perfect way to establish direct contact with our target group. If you want to enter into a dialog with fans, followers and the others, you must, however, talk about topics that interest them, not simply put out messages that you want to share. If you take a [...]

01/10/2019 | Orientation Guide

Many outlet centers have learned a lot from their negative feedback in the past few years. Remember those old endless factory halls with poor lighting and the ugly tables filled with junk from yester years: these days are certainly over. Thanks to new and forward thinking strategies from their management they focus on service orientation for the clients. In [...]

24/09/2019 | Business Etiquette: The Small Gesture

You don’t need to put on a big show to show your appreciation. In fact, it is often the small things that let the other person know that you value them. They include holding the door open; letting the other person go first; passing something over – the list is endless. You are waiting for the elevator with a [...]

17/09/2019 | Not Griping is Praise Enough

The headline already leaves a bad taste in your mouth, so would you like to work for a company that uses it as its mission statement? We are all familiar with the basic deal – the employee provides the boss with his or her services and gets paid for doing so. This equation does not, however, sound as if [...]

10/09/2019 | Brand Consciousness

Over for good! What a golden age it was for large companies and organizations. Human Resources was still called the Personnel Department and job applicants were queuing up for the limited number of vacancies that promised to be the start of a great career. Over for good! Today, it is the applicants who can cherry pick. Companies begin fighting [...]