08/10/2019 | What Headline Would You Like?

We too use social networks because we know that channels are the perfect way to establish direct contact with our target group. If you want to enter into a dialog with fans, followers and the others, you must, however, talk about topics that interest them, not simply put out messages that you want to share. If you take a [...]

01/10/2019 | Orientation Guide

Many outlet centers have learned a lot from their negative feedback in the past few years. Remember those old endless factory halls with poor lighting and the ugly tables filled with junk from yester years: these days are certainly over. Thanks to new and forward thinking strategies from their management they focus on service orientation for the clients. In [...]

24/09/2019 | Business Etiquette: The Small Gesture

You don’t need to put on a big show to show your appreciation. In fact, it is often the small things that let the other person know that you value them. They include holding the door open; letting the other person go first; passing something over – the list is endless. You are waiting for the elevator with a [...]

17/09/2019 | Not Griping is Praise Enough

The headline already leaves a bad taste in your mouth, so would you like to work for a company that uses it as its mission statement? We are all familiar with the basic deal – the employee provides the boss with his or her services and gets paid for doing so. This equation does not, however, sound as if [...]

10/09/2019 | Brand Consciousness

Over for good! What a golden age it was for large companies and organizations. Human Resources was still called the Personnel Department and job applicants were queuing up for the limited number of vacancies that promised to be the start of a great career. Over for good! Today, it is the applicants who can cherry pick. Companies begin fighting [...]

03/09/2019 | Fill Up with Knowledge

Global DiVision has started a collaboration with the next oil company focusing on cross cultural competencies. The European organization is hiring foreign employees at their headquarters where they are being trained on leadership and cross cultural and cross functional strategies. They call this process "Inpatriate”. With this effective concept global employees obtain exposure on various cultures, organizational structures, process [...]

27/08/2019 | Business Etiquette – Good Presentation

How does the saying go? There’s no second opportunity to make a first impression. In many cases we make that first impression as soon as we greet someone. Get this wrong and it will be really hard to correct. Imagine that you meet your boss, who is with an important client, in the hallway. What should you do? Who [...]

20/08/2019 | The Motivation Myth

Can training courses, rewards, and bonuses transform demotivated employees into highly motivated, fired-up “warriors”? The reality is that the impact of such motivational measures only lasts for a short time. Old habits quickly reassert themselves – even rewards and bonuses become routine at some point. Genuine motivation cannot be inserted into an employee from the outside. The workplace credo [...]

13/08/2019 | Successful Leadership

“Leadership competence. What exactly is that?” asked the board member of a film manufacturer at one of Dr. Monika V. Kronbügel’s lectures. He continued “Or, what, in your opinion, makes a manager successful?” Managers must be one thing above all – authentic. Although we talk about innate authority, it does not mean that only a few individuals are blessed [...]

06/08/2019 | Human Resources, Your Talent Scout

The days when someone began a career right after school and followed a dead straight line from graduate to head of a department is history. But, how can HR managers in the company recognize the best junior talent? "It is not that difficult," says Dr. Monika V. Kronbügel (PhD.), CEO of Global DiVision. "There are more and more talented [...]

30/07/2019 | Business Etiquette: Do You Shine Bright Enough?

There are billions of stars in the sky. In addition, most of them are invisible for us. They simply do not shine as bright as their “colleagues” do. The dream job got another, although the own professional qualification was tailor-made. The prestige project of the company is assigned to a colleague despite of his/her demonstrably lower competence. Despite tireless [...]

23/07/2019 | The Generation Z on the Job Market

“It's getting harder and harder for us to find young talents. What could we do to make our company attractive to today's applicants?” This is the question a Human Capital Manager of a group of aviation companies asked herself. “The Z-Generation has the enormous advantage because it is a highly competitive product," Dr. Monika V. Kronbügel (PhD.), CEO of [...]

16/07/2019 | A relaxed Start of Your Vacation

You know this for sure: the days before vacation are full of tasks still to be done - conversations that are still going on - papers which have still to be submitted. You are overcome by a feeling that you have really to expiate for your 2 weeks’ vacation - especially if after the vacation you are welcomed by [...]

09/07/2019 | New Dates in the Monastery

The registration deadline for the certified coaching apprenticeship with Global DiVision partner Monika Kilb has begun. The cycle starts with the topic of "Coaching as a (Leadership) Competence", which can be booked now for the period from 25th to 27th November 2019 in Schwanberg Monastery near Würzburg. The curriculum is aimed at people who want to expand their skills [...]

02/07/2019 | Productivity shared is Productivity doubled

What price would employees pay for more free time and more freedom? The question went to a team of a well-known publisher where the distribution of certain positions to two persons each appeared to have led to higher efficiency and solution-oriented actions. Should the model, which was originally intended for young mothers, also be applied in other parts of [...]

25/06/2019 | Business Etiquette: Handicaps

Many able-bodied people often find it difficult to interact normally with individuals who have mental or physical disabilities. Both in their professional and their private lives. The principle is, however, actually pretty simple and universal. Treat everyone the same! If you see a person who clearly needs helps, then speak to them. Whether they need assistance because they are [...]

18/06/2019 | Multiverse

Are we wrong, or are the USA and China light years ahead of us here in Germany when it comes to a college education that includes real-world skills? “Young people leave universities with a bachelor’s degree, but they don’t seem to have any practical knowledge when they enter business. Why is teaching at academic institutions so theoretical?” Dr. Monika [...]

11/06/2019 | All New in May

Yes, we know. It’s already the end of June. But for us, the biggest news was at the end of May – every feature of our new website was finally online. Including the “Services and Seminars” section, that is now accessible again. Among other things, the section includes current dates and information regarding our open seminars, plus an option [...]

04/06/2019 | Coaching²

What techniques do I have to implement in order to motivate employees, and how can I convey personal knowledge or knowledge existing in the company to a third party? Whoever masters these tools and can train them is usually a well-paid specialist with a service for which there are more and more customers. But is that also affordable to [...]

28/05/2019 | Business Etiquette: Labels versus Individuality?

Are being true to yourself and polite mutually exclusive? What should you do if the rules go against your grain? As is always the case, rules of etiquette are merely guidelines and not “written in stone”. Even the German doyen of etiquette, Baron Knigge, was actually more interested in making human interaction easier; something that can only happen if [...]

21/05/2019 | Agile Working – A Guide, Part #2

After taking a look at the “what” and “why” last week, we now turn our attention to the “how” and “what for”. Tips for Fast Implementation The Agile Working concept cannot be introduced into an entire company overnight. It is, however, perfectly suited for introduction to small units or processes, that in turn function as pilots before the concept [...]

14/05/2019 | Agile Working – A Guide, Part #1

Considering the huge technical advances of the last 20 years and corresponding changes to our daily working lives, it is surprising how little the organizational and hierarchical structures of most companies have changed. In fact, many of them still have the same structures as in the era of the shorthand pad, telex and typewriter. To be able to keep [...]

07/05/2019 | The Right Approach for Every Personality in the Office

Is it possible to reduce the number of illnesses in a wholesale and foreign trade company by an amazing twelve percent within 18 months? "It is; and it is very simple," says Dr. Monika V. Kronbügel (PhD.), CEO of Global DiVision. Her team was called because more and more chairs were staying empty in the open-concept offices of the [...]

30/04/2019 | Dictionary of Business Etiquette: CAPITAL LETTERS and !!!!!!! – Or How to Write an Email

Whole sentences written in capitals, followed by an arbitrary number of exclamation marks. Sometimes emails can look as if the author fell asleep with their head on the keyboard. Chats, emails, and text messages have significantly changed the face of written communications. Where once neat, expressive handwriting in a personal letter impressed the reader, today we find ourselves confronted [...]

23/04/2019 | The Small Difference

Men and women are different. Whether the difference is large or small is a matter for academics and probably also secondary. If, however, women are paid less for doing the same job as men – simply because they are women – then a small difference becomes a huge injustice. In such cases the focus is frequently on the man, who [...]