26/01/2021 | Business Etiquette – The Art of Arguing Part 2

We’ve all been there. It starts out as a harmless conversation until your viewpoints no longer match. The atmosphere becomes tense and it is hard to bite your tongue. No matter whether a separation discussion or a debate on COVID-19, an argument is then often inevitable. So how can you defuse the situation? How can you stay true to [...]

19/01/2021 | Going Beyond Cost-Conscious Operations

Bosses of major German businesses are between a rock and a hard place. They need to hold onto their money because the economy is still in crisis due to the pandemic. However, China watchers will also be aware that the next upturn is already on the horizon. The vaccines that are now being rolled out will also significantly soften [...]

12/01/2021 | New Retail Channels

For the longest time classic fashion retailers were reluctant to engage with all-powerful competitors such as Zalando or About You. At the latest since the corona pandemic cooperation with such online platforms has, however, become interesting. Thousands of boutiques are now selling their garments via Zalando and similar companies. With comparatively little effort they were able to keep pace [...]

05/01/2021 | Innovation Through Disruption

The garment industry is a great example of just how many opportunities disruption can present. WWII resulted in women taking control of factories. This circumstance changed the industry in the long term as well as coincidentally ensuring that pants also became must-haves for women. Clothing sizes also originate from this period, as soldiers had to be measured for their [...]

29/12/2020 | 2021!

A turbulent year with many highs and lows lies behind us. We have learned, restructured, and renewed many things. It’s now time to look to the future. We wish you, our esteemed clients, friends, and readers, much motivation, strength, success, and, most of all, health for the coming year.

21/12/2020 | Have A Relaxing Christmas Holiday!

In three days’ time we will once again be celebrating the festival of love. Without a doubt, things will be different than in the previous years, however every change can also represent an opportunity for new, positive experiences. Just like always Christmas is one of the predictable things in life and this year will provide us with more hope [...]

15/12/2020 | Business Etiquette – The Art of Arguing Part 1

We’ve all been there. Our opinion is completely different to the other person’s. It could be a discussion on COVID-19; a separation; or at work. If the discussion atmosphere then becomes tense, an argument is usually unavoidable. When we feel pressurized, our principles of respect, equality, and empathy can go out the window. So what are the options when [...]

08/12/2020 | The Relaxation Paradox – How Employees Can Boost Their Well-Being

Does this sound familiar? Your workload is heavy and requires a lot of concentration and energy. Your working day is characterized by fast processes and lots of change. But even when your heavier workload allows it, you can’t seem to switch off after work; on the weekend; or on vacation. Thoughts keep going round your head and it’s been [...]

01/12/2020 | The Relaxation Paradox – How Companies Can Support Their Employees

Every company that implements modern forms of work wants them to result in faster, more productive, more innovative working. It is, however, often the case that this also requires greater mental presence and flexibility from the employees. “A well-balanced culture of relaxation can be the solution to reconciling the wish and the reality,” says Dr. Monika V. Kronbügel, CEO [...]

24/11/2020 | Business Etiquette: The Eternal Question

When it comes to giving tips, many of you will notice in the coming weeks that the festive season is in full swing. Babysitters, newspaper boys, or domestic helpers all seem to be waiting to see what you will give. There is, however, no obligation to distribute money to everyone who comes your way! At the Personal Level Your [...]

17/11/2020 | Are “Human Resources” Still A Current Topic?

Of course – more than ever! This is sure to be your first reaction. Rightly so, since every company is built on humans and their labor. But is the term itself really a good one? Is it still appropriate to refer to employees as “resources” or “capital”, as in “human capital“? Instead, let’s talk about “people & organization”, because [...]

10/11/2020 | Ambiguity Tolerance as An Opportunity for Change

Ambigui-what…? Don’t worry if you haven’t heard this term before. It describes the ability to deal and/or put up with ambiguous situations and contradictory courses of action. Something that is more important than ever today. Developing this ability ensures that you are well equipped to cope with the minor and major adversities that life throws at you – no [...]

03/11/2020 | Ready for A Successor

“We’ll cross that bridge when it comes…”. Companies don’t always have successors for key employees in view, although it can be very convenient to have a pool of well-prepared individuals to choose from. And there are more reasons why this investment in the future is worthwhile... “The biggest reason why employees like successor planning is that it offers them [...]

27/10/2020 | Business Etiquette: Not Just Polite but Also Essential – Social Distancing

Current cases demonstrate that even people who are not categorized as being in a corona risk group can still fall ill, possibly suffering with long-term health issues as a result. Even if we aren’t always aware of this, respect and warm-heartedness can ensure that we show consideration for people who are at greater risk of becoming sick. In such [...]

20/10/2020 | Do We Need Diversity Training?

“So, where are you from?” At first glance the question seems to be harmless and show interest. In contrast, the question “Yes, but where are you really from?” is almost always inappropriate because it is generally directed at individuals who aren’t considered to look “German”. “Questions of this kind imply that the individual doesn’t belong,” explains expert Dr. Monika [...]

13/10/2020 | Management or Leadership – The Small but Important Difference

Sooner or later artificial intelligence (AI) will become part of our working world. The key question is what areas it will affect. AI can solve, control, and analyze definable problems. In the long term, managers whose positions are based on these skills could become superfluous. Leadership, in contrast, cannot be automated. Employees whose work is not limited solely to [...]

06/10/2020 | Recruiting in the COVID-19 Era

Companies that present themselves to young workers as reliable and safe employers despite the corona virus are ensuring the survival of the talent pool beyond 2020. But how can such recruiting goals be reconciled with budget cuts and hiring freezes? And how are companies handling such conflicts of interest? “HR strategy has changed on a number of levels. Firstly, [...]

29/09/2020 | Business Etiquette – Communication and Video Calls

Computer on; browser or app up and running; and you’re ready for business! This is what many of us think before beginning a video call. There are, however, a number of things you need to take into account to ensure that virtual meetings go smoothly. Firstly you must choose a location without background noise and no distracting pictures or [...]

22/09/2020 | Don’t Be Afraid of Losing Control!

Since corona, home offices and remote working have become an involuntary reality for many companies and could soon even become normality. Dr. Monika V. Kronbügel (PhD.), CEO of Global DiVision, forecasts that in five years’ time at the latest companies that are not offering working from home as a standard will have difficulties finding employees. As is so often [...]

15/09/2020 | Why Breaks Are So Valuable

As the ancient Roman poet Ovid already knew, “What is without periods of rest will not endure.” Nevertheless, in our working world - and in Germany in particular - taking a break is an issue that always provokes heated debate. The reality is that breaks are essential to maintain the ability to work. Employees who fail to take breaks [...]

08/09/2020 | Why Travel Long Distances?

Up until a few months ago making a journey that was hundreds of kilometers long for one single meeting was not uncommon in our working world. Today it is also possible to handle almost every issue that is important for successful working via Zoom, Skype, or teams – as was already the case pre-corona. “The high level of willingness [...]

01/09/2020 | Balancing Job and Family

Some phases of our lives are particularly challenging. It isn’t always easy to achieve a good balance between job, career, relationship, and having a family. Dr. Monika V. Kronbügel (PhD.), CEO of Global DiVision, knows that many women would like to work more hours, while men would prefer to spend less time in the office. Mothers are often hesitant [...]

25/08/2020 | Business Etiquette – Business Meals

Inviting customers to dinner seems the most normal thing in the world. But what are the key factors to ensure the event is a success? Unlike many other situations, this is one where the host should be dominant. When you arrive at the restaurant, you should go ahead so that you can hold the door for your customers. Once [...]

18/08/2020 | Added Value for Employees and Companies

In the past months companies of all sizes have undergone a crash course that has taught them that established business structures aren’t always a good fit with customers’ actual needs. The corona era has thrown up fundamental questions: • What products and services do we offer? • How can we develop them and who do we need to do [...]

11/08/2020 | Embrace Empathy!

As we settle into the “new normal”, it has become more important that we talk with and listen to each other. In the past months many of us have found keeping our work and private lives separate a big challenge, particularly those without a dedicated home office. Achieving the correct balance between work and leisure activities has been tough. [...]