04/08/2020 | Back To “Business as Usual”?

Now that everyone is back in their offices and meeting rooms there is a temptation for companies to allow old habits to creep back. It wasn’t so long ago that we were all talking about the advantages of flexible workplaces and self-organized teams. There was a general consensus that offices weren’t the only places where employees could work productively. [...]

28/07/2020 | Business Etiquette – The Right Attitude. No-One’s Perfect

What does it take to become an internationally successful professional? It is tempting to believe that only those who are perfectly acquainted with another country’s business etiquette can behave appropriately. However, approaching this challenge too pedantically runs the risk of overlooking the truly important aspects of communicating with international business partners. To experience greater diversity and learn new things, [...]

21/07/2020 | Why The Customer Is Only King in the Retail Sector

Today, deciding who we would prefer to buy from is primarily dependent on where we plan to shop. When it comes to the Net, distance selling specialists such as the Otto Group, Zalando, and – first and foremost – Amazon are the frontrunners. So how should retailers respond to such ever increasing online competition? The answer is clear – [...]

14/07/2020 | Why Consulting Can also Be Good for Consultants

Who wouldn’t want a flexible working hours model that allows them to achieve a good work-life balance? While most employees would consider this a dream come true, management consultants appear to consider it unattractive. Why is that? “To begin with, we should be aware that this is a management issue,” explains Dr. Monika V. Kronbügel (PhD.), CEO of Global [...]

07/07/2020 | What’s up Diversity? Part 3/3 – Developing Your Team

In Parts 1 and 2 of our series we focused on selecting employees and management. In Part 3 we provide inspiration for developing your team in a way that allows you to promote success by exploiting diversity. Fair performance assessments; equal access to top-level projects; promotions; and salary increases based on employees’ actual merit are key to a team’s [...]

30/06/2020 | Business Etiquette: Mind your distance in intercultural encounters

Picture yourself in the waiting line at the airport, sitting in the narrow seats of an aircraft, when talking to a stranger, or when meeting somebody in the street by coincidence. You want to be mindful with being too close to the other person. You don’t make any friends at all if you are stepping into their personal space. [...]

23/06/2020 | What’s up Diversity? Part 2/3 – Stay Fair Every Day

Last week we focused on selecting employees and assembling teams. Today we are taking a look at how companies can successfully implement diversity in their day-to-day dealings -for example regarding employee and manager behavior or when assigning tasks. “Companies like to assign so-called “office domestic work”, such as tidying up meeting rooms or organizing lunch, to female employees, who [...]

16/06/2020 | What’s up Diversity? Part 1/3 – Correct Employee Selection

Studies show that well-managed, diverse teams perform better than homogeneous groups of employees. In addition to this, they are more committed; have a higher collective intelligence; and are better at making decisions and solving problems. But how can you as one single manager create an integrative team without having to simultaneously roll out an expensive diversity or inclusion program? [...]

09/06/2020 | What’s the Best Way to Successfully Self-Organize Your Work?

The advantages of self-organized work are clear. Employees who independently determine how they work not only understand their own tasks but also gain an understanding of the bigger picture throughout the company. Their knowledge horizons and expertise expand, and employees feel validated, both regarding their specialist knowledge and also at a personal level. This can release huge amounts of [...]

02/06/2020 | Leading and Motivating Virtual Teams

The corona crisis has not only contributed to the digital transformation of the working world but has also shown that good team leadership should be a dynamic process that must be continually adapted to meet new requirements. When it comes to virtual team leadership, it is crucial that managers have both conventional management skills as well as the ability [...]

26/05/2020 | Business Etiquette: How to Make the Best of a Coffee Stain

A quick coffee before your meeting, while waiting in the car or on the way to the client from the railroad station and then, disaster! You add a decorative coffee stain to your shirt or blouse. If you’re lucky, you’ll have a spare. All that is required is a quick trip to the restroom to get changed. Most of us [...]

19/05/2020 | A Change of Culture! A Change of Culture?

Everyone’s talking about the need for a change of culture. But what exactly does this mean? (And how can you change a culture without burning all your bridges?) It may initially sound pretty harmless, maybe even a little philosophical. When, however, companies begin discussing a change of culture, this usually means tough strategies for survival. The objective is, quite simply, [...]

12/05/2020 | Discover Hidden Talents

Those who work well professionally do not automatically have the qualifications to sell them well. This experience was also gained by a medium-sized company from central Germany, which had mainly used its own engineers in sales. Global DiVision showed toolmakers how to sell their knowledge and turn it into money: "I'm pleased that my customers today appreciate my somewhat different [...]

05/05/2020 | The Way out of a Crisis – Focus on the Future and Review your Processes

Generally there is enough time to find your way out of a crisis. Depending on its cause, identifying weaknesses is not usually a difficult task and countermeasures can be implemented quickly. The problem in most crises is not how to combat the actual cause – what often gets forgotten is to also simultaneously focus on the future. The challenge in [...]

28/04/2020 | Business Etiquette: The Smart Way to Handle Cancelled Meetings in the COVID-19 Era

Exceptional times demand exceptional measures. The current restrictions mean that some companies have had to cease their activities completely, while others have done their best to introduce working from home. Business travel is a no-go; face-to-face meetings are virtually impossible. Video conferences are a good solution for most situations, however cannot replace all physical communication. As a result, many [...]

21/04/2020 | Fewer Working Hours Equals Greater Productivity

One extra day off per week impacts positively on our well-being, delivers the required work-life balance, reduces our stress levels, and increases motivation. Very few of us would, however, believe that our work output would remain the same or even increase if we worked 30 instead of 37.5 hours a week. In partnership with a Dutch private university Global [...]

14/04/2020 | It is Possible to Reduce Labor Costs in Times of Crisis without Short-Time Working

Not every company meets the criteria for short-time working. There are other ways companies can reduce labor costs and so maintain liquidity in times of crisis. The alternatives ‘pay waiver’ and ‘pay deferment’, however, require a good relationship between the company and its employees, since they are only possible with the employees’ agreement. We have assembled the key facts [...]

07/04/2020 | Artificial Intelligence – An Opportunity or a Threat?

A company in the tourism industry asked Global DiVision to come up with a strategy for successful digital transformation. The client had two key requirements – their employees’ reservations regarding artificial intelligence (AI) should be dispelled and they should be shown the benefits it could bring for their work. “Lack of facts and poor transparency regarding corporate strategies result [...]

31/03/2020 | Business Etiquette: Meetings in Corona Times

The Corona crisis is forcing companies to introduce new processes. Meetings are having to be rescheduled and held using digital means. If you are swapping over to virtual meetings there are a few rules that you should follow to ensure productive video calls with customers, coworkers, and service providers. It is important to be aware that a virtual meeting [...]

24/03/2020 | Help in the Crisis

News reports are currently coming thick and fast. Every day we hear about new measures, new procedures, and new recommendations. What is now required is forward-looking crisis management to re-organize, calm, and, insofar as possible, normalize the situation. When making the change to working from home, it is key that all your departments work hand in hand. Human resources [...]

10/03/2020 | Being There is What Counts

The Client: A medium-sized company in the semiconductor manufacturing segment. The Challenge: Dissatisfied employees because commutes from all directions involved bottlenecks, making journey times to work long and stressful (construction sites, replacement buses for trains, etc.). The Global DiVision Solution: Trust-based working hours and workplaces, requiring specific measures such as more frequent working from home. The Client Benefit: Less [...]

03/03/2020 | When The Bonus Causes Illness

Nobody really bet on this: Actually, it was exactly the sickness rates that should have been reduced through bonus payments, which according to the objectives are supposedly no longer a problem. First of all, Global DiVision had to clarify with its customer why more and more employees were causing production outages with him of all things. The answer was [...]

25/02/2020 | Business Etiquette: Guidelines for A Successful Meeting

Do we need “rules of etiquette” for meetings? There are a number of points to remember if you want to ensure that a meeting is good, productive, and efficient: Write an agenda and send it to all participants in good time. And strike the “Other Issues” item. Your agenda should already include all the important topics. Check the technical [...]

18/02/2020 | Sales under Scrutiny

One of our clients faced a new challenge after the German and many other governments decided to gradually phase out nuclear energy. Our client is a process partner to national and international companies that provide technical services in the fields of systems and energy technology as well as evaluation, testing, and consulting services. The majority are institutions with an [...]

11/02/2020 | From the Field – Agility for Global Players

Staying agile is a perpetual challenge for globally active companies and large organizations. If, in addition to this, a company is known to the market as an innovation leader, then its mission is do everything required to stay flexible enough to maintain this role in the long term. Agile structures must be continuously implemented within the organization and constantly [...]