16/04/2019 | Must a Conductor Be Able to Play the Violin?

Can it be that almost any shepherd can manage better than a manager? "Yes," says Dr. Monika V. Kronbügel (PhD.). The CEO of Global DiVision knows that the era of technical experts is coming to a close. The ones who know their products and production systems don't necessarily have the required basic knowledge when it comes to the area [...]

09/04/2019 | Management by Walking Around: Monkeys, Moles, and All Kinds of Stumbling Blocks

Management by Walking Around (MBWA) refers to a style of business management that involves the boss leaving his/her customary habitat and embarking on the adventure of walking around the company and engaging directly with his/her employees. And, as should be the case for a real adventure, this kind of expedition can involve lots of exciting moments but also dangerous [...]

02/04/2019 | Order is Essential

How was it again, that somebody had to keep watch over a sack of fleas? Global DiVision slipped into the unusual role of providing consulting services to consultants and establishing rules as to how to keep an eye on mobile employees: "The job came from an internationally positioned management consultant," Dr. Monika V. Kronbügel (PhD.) reports. And what her [...]

26/03/2019 | Dictionary of Business Etiquette: Buzzwords or Can You Hear What You Are Actually Saying?

Language has always been a means to distinguish the speaker from others. Foreign words, anglicisms, scientific jargon, legalese – the list is endless when describing the way in which we speak not only to communicate but also to clarify status. In an era in which everyone wants to be young, hip, and cool, a raft of words and expressions [...]

19/03/2019 | Diversity not Uniformity

For a number of years now the Global DiVision team has been assisting a world leader in logistics with the implementation of its diversity strategy. This collaboration has produced some important milestones for the corporation, that employs 480,000 workers around the world and views diversity as an elementary component of its corporate culture. German Diversity Day The global event, [...]

12/03/2019 | Coworking Space – The 10 Golden Rules

For years now our working world has been undergoing a transformation that seems to have only just begun and will bring major changes in the way we interact and work. A key aspect of the new workplace culture is “coworking space”. But how does it function? Concerned about investing money wrongly and reducing productivity, a 70-year old mechanical engineering [...]

05/03/2019 | Development Assistance

Global DiVision has proven that with intercultural competence, doors can open even many thousands of kilometers away. Together with a partner from Kyoto, Dr. Monika V. Kronbügel (PhD.) and her team are assisting a Japanese automobile manufacturer to optimize its leasing business in Germany. "This was not a routine job," says the CEO, particularly since the country-wide marketing research [...]

26/02/2019 | Dictionary of Business Etiquette: Polite & Discreet

We all know the situation – someone gets really angry; starts shouting; and loses control. Giving the impression that they are ridiculous and helpless rather than self-possessed. You should therefore remember to stay calm and be polite but firm. Documented criticism, made quietly but clearly, will always be streets ahead of a tantrum. What is, however, even more important [...]

19/02/2019 | How to Network Sucessfully or How to Get Ahead in Your Career…

When today’s employees retire, very few of them are still working for the company they started out with after high school or college. The golden watch marking 25 years of service with an employer has definitely become obsolete. What was once seen as a flaw – frequent job changes – is now a unique selling proposition. Workers who embark [...]

12/02/2019 | It’s All About the Right Attitude!

Frequent attempts have been made to improve corporate management with the help of tools; codes of conduct; or systematic processes. The current buzzword is “Management 3.0”, which many experts view as the holy grail of management. In reality, this concept is a mix of familiar tools that have been updated, revised, and repackaged. Not bad – but is it [...]

05/02/2019 | Thinking Outside the Box…

For more than 20 years, the economy has preferred the type of employees whose education and diplomas fitted the desired position exactly. The way it looks, this trend is currently turning around! "It's about time, and we see this absolutely positively," says Dr. Monika V. Kronbügel (PhD.). Together with her team from Global DiVision, she has recently refilled the [...]

29/01/2019 | Dictionary of Business Etiquette: The Business Card – An Unknown Entity

The Business Card So you think you know everything there is to know about how to use business cards? Think again! As with most other cultural rituals, what is the norm differs widely around the world. Here in Germany it is traditional to present your business card before a meeting begins. This ensures that other participants know how your [...]

22/01/2019 | A Spanner in the Works

If everyone uses his own components, it will never result in a vehicle that works. This not very effective way of working did not actually become a risk at the automotive subcontractor, but it mainly paralyzed the innovation potential in the company. What can help in such stages of a company's development? "The customer actually implemented the latest communications [...]

15/01/2019 | “Put Your Own House in Order”…

…before criticizing others is a well-known adage in English. This time-honored, universal piece of wisdom is one that comes to mind when we hear leaders of the German business sector complaining about the young generation’s poor standard of education. Many managers are increasingly focusing on digitization requirements, criticizing how “outdated” and “technologically far behind” young school and college graduates’ [...]

08/01/2019 | In the Middle of Things…

What position does someone have who has pressure from all sides? Right, he works in middle level management. What sounds like a nice deviation from the daily craziness far away from the stress curve, has now also created tension with the consultant team of Global DiVision. "In our analyses, we have never met such frequent bad moods, lack of [...]

01/01/2018 | We Have Moved

As of January 1, our new mailing address has been Ballindamm 3 in 20095 Hamburg. Our central telephone number: +49-40-18 00 83 83 and fax: +49-40-18 00 83 84 have stayed the same.

25/12/2018 | This week we wish…

... our newsletter subscribers, clients, employees, friends, and everyone around the world a Happy New Year, Frohes Neues Jahr, Gott nytt år, Eftychisméno to néo étos, ¡Próspero Año Nuevo, Szczęśliwego nowego roku, S Novym Godom, Felice Anno Nuovo, Bonne nouvelle année! Whether 2018 was a good year is most probably a matter of opinion. It was certainly eventful, dramatic [...]

18/12/2018 | Business Etiquette: The Right Way to Refuse a Gift

Germans like to say that small gifts maintain friendships – and annual turnover. Deciding when a gift is inappropriate is a matter for either corporate compliance rules or, if none are in place, the employee him- or herself. Refusing a gift can result in the giver also feeling rejected. Returning a gift that includes thanks for a good business [...]

11/12/2018 | From Supplier to Product Expert

Until now, it was mainly necessary to know what you were selling. Now, you also have to find out exactly to whom. A Global DiVision customer from the metal processing industry recognized this and gave his sales departments a booster shot of suitable sales strategies. The coaching sessions show ways to be able to present industry solutions that are [...]

04/12/2018 | We are moving…

… and our Internet offering is also undergoing a total overhaul. After spending many years enjoying the view of Hamburg’s Kunsthalle art gallery, we are now moving to a new location just a short distance away and are looking forward to the view of the fountain on the Alster Lake. The address of our new offices is Ballindamm 3 [...]