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The most important pre-requisite for successful coaching and mentoring is openneness. You decide whether, what and how much happens. Whether as an individual or in a group, coaching not only serves as a guide, but as a companion on your way to a fulfilling successful life. Discover and develop your potential with the support of an efficient systemic coaching process. Global DiVision ensures that changes also provide continuous for long-term success. We nurture your personal potential or that of your company, so that you can achieve your personal and professional objectives.

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Where am I today?
You’re looking to enhance your professional and personal skills in your various roles, for example, as an executive, a colleague, a business partner, etc. and/or would like to work as a (freelance) coach. As a manager and a coach you are companions for personal and professional development processes.

What is in it for me?
As a person, you will be empowered as a whole to give your conversation partner honest feedback and encourage new perspectives and alternatives. Your people skills and your ability to lead conversations effectively will be enhanced professionally. Your newly-found art of communication will be applicable in a variety of professional situations – in individual meetings as well as in a group. You will be acquiring professional coaching techniques as an ideal tool for your daily work. You will receive a certificate after the entire curriculum. Simultaneously, this training can be used as a building block in an external qualification as a business coach.

Which methods do we apply?
From pedagogical discussions, individual and group coaching to live coaching and processing of cases to documentation and transfer exercises, you will be supported by our experienced and mostly certified coaching instructors throughout the entire coaching process. Sometimes as a coachee and other times as a coach or observer you will experience how periods of silence will strengthen your skills in coaching, broaden your experience and train your own perception. During training, each participant will perform at least 2 coaching processes and will receive feedback and teaching advice. We will form peer groups in which you will be applying what you have learned between modules 2 and 6.

What do I experience?

  • Part 1: Coaching as a (leadership) skill
  • Part 2: Initiating changes
  • Part 3: Systemic coaching
  • Part 4: Solution-oriented coaching
  • Part 5: Making calls effectively
  • Part 6: Achieving goals

How much time do I invest?
6-part curriculum cycle of 3 days each

For those of you who need a preparation day for an external certification at a later date, there will be a special preparation on the Thursday after the 6th part.

This train-the-coach qualification is accredited internationally by

Where am I today?
You want to help your employees to discover their own potential, to develop it, and to work with more commitment and responsibility towards previously-defined goals. Additionally, you want to complement your own skills as a leader, or project manager in different areas, with the tools you need for successful coaching.

What is in it for me?
Our trainers, without exception, all experienced and in many cases, even certified coaches – will tell you with which techniques they work and how they motivate others. You will learn how to successfully transfer knowledge and methods and will have the opportunity to transfer solutions from your own workplace to your own case studies.

Which methods do we apply?
In this seminar, your activity will be required. With dialogue, discussions, contributions by the facilitator and specific case studies, you will be prepared for your role as coach during the course itself. You can expect to see the role as coach from both perspectives, by take on the role of the coach yourself, as well as taking the position of the coachee or the neutral observer.

What do I experience?

  • Introduction to coaching and the responsibilities of coaches
  • Basic principles, questions and listening techniques
  • The psychology of coaching
  • How a leader becomes a coach
  • Practical exercises with feedback
  • Drafting your personal action plan

How much time do I invest?
2 days

Where am I today?
You are invited to reflect on yourself and your work situation and to confront pending issues: What is important to me? Where do I want to go? What am I capable of and what do I want to accomplish? How do I ensure that I perform certain tasks? What are my boundaries? How can I combine work and private life in a balanced manner?

What is in it for me?
You will be encouraged by Global DiVision to find the courage to answer these questions, you decide how far to go. You will develop precise observation, realistic and attractive targets, clarity in identifying correlations, as well as the ability to pragmatically implement constructive solutions.

What do I experience?

  • Exploration of opportunities
  • Discovering the potential of extending the scope of action
  • Internal clarity and stability
  • Enhancement of social and communicative skills
  • Personal goals and action plan

How much time do I invest?
Design of seminar content and duration is based on your current needs.

Where am I today?
You are in charge of a team or have identified teams in your company whose work requires optimization.

What is in it for me?
You will experience how Global DiVision treats issues related to goals, roles, tasks and workflow within the team or between the team members and other departments. Relationship patterns and value conflicts which lead to friction are worked on. Group dynamics or the problems of individual team members are taken into consideration only if they affect the constructive, result-oriented cooperation and the optimization process of the teams.

What do I experience?

  • Current analysis and process report
  • Inventory of common issues
  • Evaluation of key qualifications
  • Develop implementation strategy

How much time do I invest?
Design of seminar contents and duration, depending on your current needs.

Where am I today?
You work for e.g. a call center, a tele-marketing or a customer service department, or are involved in the coaching of a team which has inbound and outbound calling responsibilities.

What is in it for me?
With Global DiVision, you will learn proven processes how to select staff and communicate goals which motivate individuals and groups, as well as individual coaching techniques.

Which methods do we apply?
This course, which is spread out over several days, will use relevant examples from the workplace on top of basic knowledge. Based on case studies and exercises, you will be confident in using the necessary management tools and applying them in everyday life. Your trainer will take individual experience and differences within the group into account.

What do I experience?

  • Achieve results with individual leadership style
  • Motivation through communication: results oriented management of telephone teams
  • The team as a success factor: Putting the telephone team together properly
  • Coaching as an effective management tool
  • Setting goals with employees and planning time resources
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Personal action plan

How much time do I invest?
3 days

Where am I today?
For example, as a sales, district or area manager, you’re responsible for the results of one or more external teams to which you do not have daily contact.

What is in it for me?
Global DiVision’s field sales management methods will give you a clear picture of tasks and will improve your skills in the areas of communication and motivation. You will learn to set team priorities, to delegate properly and to coach employees.

Which methods do we apply?
Your Global DiVision coach is himself an experienced sales manager. His experience, as well as exchanging experience with other participants, group work and solving individual exercises will give you knowledge and the ability to transfer what you have learned to the workplace.

What do I experience?

  • Managing sales with authority and professionalism
  • Effective communication, leadership and motivation of external teams
  • Delegating tasks, controlling assignments
  • Effective sales meetings
  • Recognizing potential and coaching employees
  • Solving problems, resolving conflicts
  • Developing a personal action plan

How much time do I invest?
3 days

Where am I today?
Because of your managerial role, you not only want to assess yourself better, but find ways to learn more about the needs and motifs of your employees.

What is in it for me?
Global DiVision transfers knowledge on how to identify the response patterns and needs of your employees and synchronize them with your own. You will learn how to effectively communicate with different types of employees, to motivate them and to delegate tasks based on performance. A pre-requisite of this will be to analyze your own leadership style based upon a 360-degree profile and to recognize how you are perceived by others.

Which methods do we apply?
Exchanging experiences, discussion, group work and presentations by the trainer are the underlying foundation. During the course, you will work on leadership challenges based on concrete employee case studies; you will learn to apply psychological frameworks and will develop action plans after each module.

What do I experience?

  • How can knowledge of behavioral psychology help you in your management role?
  • Strengths and weaknesses: analysis and interpretation of your personality profile and the possible consequences in developing your leadership skills
  • The perception of others: What can you interpret from the words and body language of your employees?
  • Identifying strengths, weaknesses and needs of different kinds of employees and identifying strategies for communication, and developing their motivation and guidance
  • Response patterns, conflicts and defense mechanisms: dealing with “difficult” people
  • 360-degree profile: How you perceive your environment and what you can learn from it
  • Concrete training of management situations and employee appraisals
  • Transferring course content into practice: How to take the learned back to your job
  • Personal Development Plan

How much time do I invest?
2 modules ( 2 x 2 days)

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