Intercultural Competence

Because of ongoing globalization crosscultural competence is increasingly becoming a key factor for the success or failure of a company. An understanding of other cultures’ behaviour is particularly important. There is more than just the issue of “relocating”. Also from your home country being in touch with internationally has its challenges. In order to appropriately prepare your employees and managers to work with foreign cultures – whether it begins at your own front door or not – an understanding of the subtleties involved will be of great benefit.

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Where am I today?
You are in charge of different cultures or you would like to go a bit deeper than just the surface on your cross cultural knowledge. When we talk about ‘cultural awareness’ we don’t talk only about one country alone. We are comparing various behaviors in different cultures.

What is in it for me?
You will learn from a multifaceted introduction into the cross cultural awareness communication. Our secret tips: our strategies and development models will make you an expert in dealing with foreign colleagues, employees and clients of various cultures. Your cross cultural and multi-cultural competence will be enhanced and deepened.

Which methods do we apply?
In our seminars we are comparing your country with other important countries around the world. (Tailored to your needs) With many examples of our well qualified trainers who have been working on a global level you will experience real life activities to become aware of various nuances of many different cultures. You will be able to experience, explore and observe different cultural differences. With a mix of many activities, simulation and case studies you will familiarize yourself with ease into a cross cultural expert. The learning will be visible in no time. You will be exposed to one on one activities, team works and deep reflections in combination with discussions with the trainer and the plenum.

What do I experience?

  • What is culture?
  • Cultural standards and cultural dimensions
  • How will cultural differences be experienced?
  • How can we avoid cultural misunderstanding?
  • What are errors or misunderstandings that we see many times in international contacts?
  • How can I combine my own values and goals with a foreign culture and work efficiently and successfully?
  • Does and Don’ts of intercultural communication
  • What are typical local country and regional stereotypes that can cause many problems when dealing with international clients and how to handle them?
  • Personal goals and effective action plans in dealing with cross-cultural partners
  • How much time will I invest? 2 days

Where am I today?
You sell or present ideas, goods, services or projects over and beyond the country’s borders and conduct negotiations or discussions with foreign partners at all levels.

What is in it for me?
Intercultural competence is one of the USPs in the consulting and training services offered by Global DiVision. You will be prepared to identify markets abroad, sharpen your awareness for individual foreign customs and habits and to avoid intercultural pitfalls when contacting your foreign trade partners.

Which methods do we apply?
This in-depth course will prepare you for international tasks through projects, case studies, exercises and role plays. Each participant receives personal and useful advice based on their specific needs, which in turn, can be transferred directly to the workplace. The course is being offered either in German or in English.

What do I experience?

  • „Acclimatize“ your personal selling style
  • Cross-cultural conversational skills
  • Customer motives with efficient communication and appropriate body language
  • Country-specific sales and discussion techniques
  • Presenting successfully in foreign languages
  • Adapting sales strategy and tactics to the target market
  • Listening carefully, observing precisely, acting assertively
  • Personal action plan

How much time do I invest?
3 days

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