The permanent increase in price pressure and external purchasing volume has led to the fact that procurement methods have become significantly more important in recent years. Only those companies who have pro-actively turned their purchasing activities, future-oriented and cross-departmental will be able to fulfill the rising requirements.

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Where am I today?
Your job includes achieving the best possible purchasing terms for your company. Your responsibility is to ensure that the profit made between purchasing and sales should be as high as possible. Fair conditions which result in win-win solutions between your company and your suppliers are important to you.

What is in it for me?
You will become familiar with the underlying methods, tasks and objectives in purchasing. The course will demonstrate which factors are critical to success. Using product-specific, technical and economic arguments, you will learn to conduct negotiations in a targeted and problem-oriented manner. You will also lean to effectively develop relationships with your negotiation partners.

Which methods do we apply?
Knowledge, case studies and exercises will form the core of the learning process which is divided into parts, in order to understand systematic purchasing techniques. What you have learned, can be transferred directly to your workplace. In order to make knowledge tangible, the facilitator will discuss experiences and needs of individual participants.

What do I experience?

  • Tasks and the role of purchasing in the company
  • Target systems and their role in purchasing
  • Procurement market (market analysis, monitoring and forecasting)
  • Internal vs.. external customers
  • Your own negotiating style
  • Basics of communication
  • Centralised and decentralized purchasing
  • Proposals and comparison of proposals
  • Objective criteria for choosing suppliers
  • Basic structures in the procurement process
  • Contribution to net profit
  • Personal action plan

How much time do I invest?
3 days

Where am I today?
As a department or office manager, foreman or business manager you want to improve your leadership skills in the areas of production, management, purchasing, sales or service.

What is in it for me?
At Global DiVision, we share with you a common view of contemporary leadership and train you in areas such as defining goals, delegating tasks, motivation and success-oriented communication with employees and teams. By enrolling in this course, an opportunity will open up for you to build a network with other managers.

Which methods do we apply?
Exchanging experiences, discussions, group work with concrete cases and contributions by the facilitator will be the foundation on which you will learn to find new solutions for leadership-oriented challenges. At the end of the course, you will have developed a specific action plan to meet your needs.

What do I experience?

  • What is expected of leaders?
  • Setting goals, delegating tasks, making decisions based on the situation
  • Motivating yourself and employees
  • Modern Leadership versus traditional management
  • Efficiently communicating and conducting meetings
  • Staff development
  • Assess and develop personal assertiveness
  • Self-development plan

How much time do I invest?
3 days

Where am I today?
As purchaser or seller, sales manager or key account manager, you are responsible for negotiating professionally and ethically.

What is in it for me?
You will learn the rules of a negotiatiing technique which will give you a high degree of self-confidence and motivation and with which you can develop an understanding of your customer and close contracts with the best possible terms. Learn to professionally create win-win situations in relationship and partnership contracts.

Which methods do we apply?
The seminar is divided into sections which combines knowledge transfer and a practical introduction to negotiating. Case studies are part of the learning process. By considering the participants’ experience and their individual circumstances, the facilitator guarantees that learning can be transferred directly into the daily workplace.

What do I experience?

  • The main differences between meetings and negotiations
  • Phases of negotiation
  • Strategy and tactics of good negotiation
  • Preparation, planning and self-motivation
  • Psychological factors and strengths of your negotiating position
  • How to consider financial aspects appropriately
  • Training based on case studies right up to closing of negotiations • The importance of interpersonal factors
  • Drafting your personal action plan

How much time do I invest?
3 days

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