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General Terms and Conditions of Business for Open Courses

Registrations shall be made via the online event diary. They may also be made by telephone, in writing or by fax or email, shall however only be valid after they have also been registered via the online event diary. Every registration must be officially registered. All registrations shall be binding, independent of how they are made. A seminar place shall be reserved upon registration. By submitting a successful registration the customer shall expressly agree to the terms and conditions to which it is subject.

Payment & Fee
In the case of online registrations the order confirmation and invoice shall be generated directly by the system. Payment may be made by credit card, PayPal and cash in advance. In the case of cash in advance the invoice sum shall be payable within 8 days of the invoice date. In the case of registrations at very short notice (up to 2 days before the seminar) payments shall only be possible by credit card or PayPal.

All fees shall be plus the legal rate of value added tax. In addition to running of the seminar; training course or workshop the fee shall include the following services:

  • Lunch together on each full seminar day
  • Drinks during breaks
  • Documentation for participants
  • Certificate of participation
  • Preliminary or subsequent discussions by phone with the client as required

The participant shall bear additional costs such as for evening meals, accommodation and drinks outside of the conference.

Withdrawal/Cancellation & Alteration of Bookings
Withdrawal from the contract shall be possible at any time. Withdrawals must be made in writing to the Global DiVision contact person.

Cancellations or alterations of bookings shall be possible free of charge up to 6 weeks before the seminar begins, following this half of the invoice sum shall be payable. Cancellations and alterations of bookings shall not be possible from 20 days before the seminar onwards. The invoice sum shall thus be fully payable. Should the participant nevertheless be unable to attend then he/she may send a substitute.

Cancellation or Postpone by Global DiVision
Global DiVision shall reserve the right to postpone or cancel seminars; training courses and workshops for an important reason. Important reasons shall, for example, be acts of God; the lecturer being taken ill or failure to achieve the minimum number of participants.

Fees which have already been paid shall be refunded immediately insofar as the participant or his/her substitute is not able or does not wish to attend an alternative event offered by Global DiVision. Should the event be postponed by Global DiVision then withdrawal from the contract shall be possible free of charge. Withdrawals must be made in writing to the Global DiVision contact person.

Registered participants shall be informed immediately by telephone or in writing concerning the postponement of an event.

Additional claims for liability and damages shall, insofar as Global DiVision has not acted with wilful intent or gross negligence, be excluded.

No liability shall be accepted for accidents occurring during the seminar.

Right to Make Amendments

Global DiVision shall reserve the right to:

  • Change the venue
  • Replace the planned lecturer if required (e.g. illness, accident) with another lecturer who is, at the least, equally qualified with regard to the topic announced
  • Make content, methodological and organisational changes (e.g. due to changes in the law or new scientific findings)
  • Inform registered participants by telephone or in writing concerning changes.

Data Protection

The storage and processing of customer data shall take place under the strict compliance of Global DiVision with the German Federal Data Protection Act [Bundesdatenschutzgesetz]. Personal data shall only be stored and processed if you yourself inform us of this in order to perform a contract or by establishing contact in any other way.

The following data shall be stored within the scope of processing or performance of a contract and/or to process your enquiry:

Participant’s first and surnames; title; company; industry; professional title; the participant’s or company’s postal address; telephone number; fax number and email address.

Global DiVision shall make the personal data provided available only to those cooperation partners for whom knowledge of the data concerned is required for the fulfilment of the contract between the two parties. Data shall not be forwarded to any other third parties.

By providing their data the participant shall declare their agreement with the gathering and processing of their data for the purpose of fulfilling the contract. The participant shall be entitled at any time to either fully or partially revoke their agreement with data usage, effective for the future.


Global DiVision shall assure the participants that any information which it obtains shall not be made accessible to third parties.

The participants shall also assure the same with regard to any information which they obtain concerning other participants and their companies.

The participants shall release Global DiVision from its obligation to discretion vis-à-vis a supervisor. A supervisor shall serve exclusively purposes of specialist, psychological or educational reflection; qualification and quality control of the services to be performed.

Intellectual Property Rights

All seminar content which is communicated as well as all documentation passed on by Global DiVision, be it written or electronic form, shall be subject to copyright and may only be used for the corresponding participant’s personal purposes. Forwarding of reproduction shall be forbidden.

Additional Liability

The documents provided within the scope of the advanced training course shall be compiled to the best of our knowledge and status of information. Liability and warranty for the correctness, currentness, completeness and quality of content shall be excluded.

The exclusion of liability shall not apply in cases of wilful intent or gross negligence.

Validity and Requirement for the Written Form

Should one or more of the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions of Business be or become fully or partly invalid or should a loophole in these General Terms and Conditions of Business become apparent then the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected.

Agreements which deviate from these General Terms and Conditions of Business must be made in writing to be legally valid. This shall also apply to alterations of the clause requiring the written form. There are no verbal side agreements.

General Terms and Conditions

The participants and/or clients shall inform Global DiVision about all circumstances which are relevant to performance of the services.

Global DiVision affirms that it is not an active or passive member of “Scientology” and/or an organisation in contact with or linked to “Scientology” and/or a front organisation for “Scientology”.

Global DiVision furthermore affirms that it is not a supporter of this organisation and that it does not offer seminars, training courses, workshops or similar which are based on the teachings and methods of L. Ron Hubbard.

The participants shall also affirm the same.