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Transformation through Future Work – Developments and Better Organizations

Our areas of expertise are as varied as our experts and their highly diverse cultural backgrounds from all over the world. Since the 1990s, our specialists have been supporting national and international projects in the areas of organizational and People & Organization development, intercultural competence, leadership and potential development, diagnosis and analysis as well as coaching and mentoring.

Analysis and Organizational Development – Keeping an Eye on the Big Picture and the Interplay of Individual Factors

Work with us to implement new approaches to customer service and the optimal use of resources and staff, and introduce effective modernization measures that lead to increased productivity and greater employee satisfaction.

Keep control – with us you proceed strategically and in a coordinated manner. Using a 360-degree view, we analyze your problems as well as your challenges and indicate the potentials and risks. Individual subsystems of an organization, groups or persons are viewed in a holistic manner, i.e. are consistently examined and handled in terms of their connections with the organizational and social environment. A company is always made up of a mesh of multiple systems and desires. We simultaneously understand it as a whole and in the interaction of its individual factors. To the same extent, also expect support from us in human resources development, health management and strategic communication.

Using precisely the right strategy, meticulous research and competent communication, Global DiVision has already supported many companies with intercultural challenges, for example for a Japanese company in Germany. Learn more

Global DiVision is at the center when it comes to needs-based methods for middle management. Read how we improved the situation of these managers in a company from the glass industry. Learn more

Disruptions to the flow of communication frequently paralyse the potential for innovation in a company. Read how the GDIC team successfully adjusted the right parameters during workshop sessions. Learn more

Smart People & Organization Development for Your Company – Future Work Rethought

With us, you develop and optimize your talent management. We help you find the right applicants by creating the best possible preconditions for your specialists, thus implementing the foundation for sustainable human resources management. Topics such as future work, digitalization, internal communication, teamwork and dealing with customers and clients are part of our daily work.

Global DiVision has often proven that it pays to think outside the box when recruiting. Read how to build an agile and productive team without sticking to old structures. Learn more

When it comes to uniform standards for human resources in globally operating companies, a sense of order is mandatory. We successfully demonstrated how to facilitate international project management at a management consultancy. Learn more

The technical developments of the last 20 years demand a high degree of flexibility and dynamism from companies. The appropriate term is 'agile working', which is much more than simply a new trend... Learn more

Occupational Health Management with Rationale and Compassion

Offer your employees not just modern workplaces but healthy ones as well. People who feel good at work are more productive and motivated. Healthy workforces feel valued and are fundamental to Future Work, and are also an essential prerequisite for the sustainable success of a company.

We implement all necessary measures to prevent the risks of physical and mental illness in your company: with us, possible health problems are detected and even avoided at an early stage. In addition to a healthy climate, sick leave is also tangibly reduced in this way.

Is it possible to cut the sickness rate of a wholesale and foreign commerce company by a staggering 12 % over an 18 month period? Absolutely! Read how we achieved this. Find out more

Sometimes a bonus can make you sick, and what is actually intended as a gratification often results in exactly the opposite. Read how to do things more efficiently so that everyone can get better soon. Find out more

Work less – achieve more: why an extra day off can boost productivity and creativity, as proven by Global DiVision in a field trial. Find out more

Intercultural Competence – Dialog Succeeds with Us

Good communication, excellent content and compellingly memorable messages are based on creativity and proven strategies. Dialog alone has the ability to reach your internal and external target groups. Change processes towards Future Work, but also the on-boarding of new employees, internal communication and intercultural interaction with your customers and clients are at the center of our activities.

Especially in the sensitive phases of mergers, post-merger integration, during expansion or restructuring, we accompany you when it comes to supporting the people in your company for working perfectly in line the new conditions. Together with you, we establish the necessary prerequisites so that your employees can achieve the new goals and simultaneously feel comfortable with the changes in the company.

If you want to get to the point quickly in conversations, presentations and negotiations and thus achieve your goals in the best possible way, we gladly also assist you in this.

The advantages of diverse teams are obvious. Global DiVision has been supporting a leading global logistics group in the implementation of its diversity strategy for many years. Find out more

Shared productivity is double productivity – job sharing means that tasks can be sensibly divided between two people. We successfully implemented this strategy in a publishing house. Find out more

Optimizing cooperation across cultures is one of Global DiVision's special areas of expertise. Read how this can be achieved with the help of targeted knowledge transfer. Find out more

Always at your Side with Coaching and Mentoring

Discover and develop your potential with the support of an efficient, systemic coaching process. Coaching serves less as a guide and more as a companion on your way to a fulfilled and successful professional life. Global DiVision makes sure that changes also succeed sustainably. In order for you to achieve your professional and private goals and implement your Future Work in the best sense, we support and promote your personal potential and that of your company.

Coaching in companies whose teams are spread over very many locations is a cost-intensive instrument. Read how we succeeded in developing a tool for an IT company to measure and evaluate coaching activities at executive level and in sales and distribution. Find out more

Good talent management makes for satisfied employees. Global DiVision helps the people in your organization to progress by expanding their skills, creativity and lateral career steps. Find out more

New Approaches for Your Sales and Distribution

No success is as distinctly tangible as success in sales. Your sales success has the ability to achieve new heights with our sales training. This is an important instrument for sustainably improving the competitiveness of a company's sales areas through motivation and communication.

From supplier to product expert – satisfaction and loyalty can be increased by acquiring knowledge about the end customer. How does that work? A Global DiVision client from the metalworking industry successfully implemented our concept. Find out more

Are men and women really so different? When it comes to negotiating, yes. Global DiVision knows how women can negotiate more successfully. Find out more

How do you impart new knowledge to employees who have been doing their job 'for a good many years'? We specified the important factors as part of a sales training for sales professionals of a food company. Find out more

People Can Do More – Intelligent Development of Potential by Your Managers

Whether it’s a question of leadership style, imparting knowledge or identifying needs and motives, we accompany your managers when it comes to promoting the potential of employees. Allow us to show you the leadership models you can implement to better inspire your employees and activate their self-motivation. Your leaders will gain the knowledge and tools to guide their teams to better results. Discover and develop potential with us through efficient, systemic coaching processes. With Global DiVision you ensure that people independently drive forward change in a sustainable way. In order for you to start your Future Work, promote personal potential with us by putting people at the center.

Management by Walking Around (MBWA) is a way for managers to gain an overview within the company. But be careful, there are a few things to keep in mind during such a walk-around. Our example demonstrates how this is done best. Find out more

Professional expertise does not necessarily mean expertise in leadership. Global DiVision communicates employee orientation and social skills in targeted coaching sessions, for example at a telecommunications company. Find out more

How can 'People & 0rganizations' (often called 'Human Resources') managers in a company identify the best young talents? Quite simply – based on their potential. The district administration of a large town in the Rhineland learned how to do this from Global DiVision. Find out more

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