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ITMC Method

ITMC is a method for human resource and organizational development in companies developed by Dr. Monika V. Kronbügel (PhD.), CEO & CPOO of Global DiVision, and stands for integrity, tolerance, morality and cooperation. You benefit from a new approach, because ITMC is not a substitute for the well-known and proven methods of human resource and organizational development but a supplement developed to maximize their success.

We analyze the status quo of all your internal and external factors that have, or in the future could have, an influence on operational processes, product or performance development as well as sales and expansion strategies.

Optimal Utilization of Resources

Because ITMC places a special emphasis on considering intercultural differences, the method is practised primarily by mid-sized and large enterprises with different national and/or international locations or interests.

The method leads to the optimal utilization of existing resources. Following ITMC implementation, the team, company or group of companies work in harmony with all internal and external circumstances and stakeholders.

Practical benefits are consistently reaped from each process. An example: it is also possible to learn for the future from unplaced orders.

We show you how People & 0rganization can thus act in a goal-oriented manner at highly diverse points and areas and develop their strengths. As a consequence, intercultural differences can be used as genuine opportunities and drivers for your Future Work.

Optimized In-house Measures

Global DiVision offers a variety of trainings, seminars, journeys and workshops. You and your employees are given concrete knowledge and we provide you with suitable tools. This enables you to act independently in many different situations. To ensure that your Future Work succeeds, our measures are always perfectly fitted within a tailor-made strategy.

Achieving Goals Together

We work with you, not alongside you. You and your employees are involved and activated. With us you will not find lecturers and speakers, but highly qualified consultants, coaches, trainers, facilitators and mentors.

Tailor-made Measures

With our 'Inhouse Premium' top service, Global DiVision content and documents are adapted to your company's corporate identity down to the last detail. To ensure that all participants feel 'at home' from the very first minute, we work with both your visual appearance and your wording right from the start.

Even our in-house standard is not a construction kit made of ready-to-use PowerPoint slides.

This type of measure accompanies you on the way to your goals with a model, the content of which is adapted to the individual conditions in your team and the circumstances in your company, before and during implementation.

Contents and Processes

Your topics, desires and needs are analyzed by us and form the basis of our measures. Be inspired by our service and always decide based on facts. We recommend the necessary methods and means to you in a transparent process and suggest ways for their successful implementation.

We explain the details of our service and the measure model in person and, if you wish, also virtually or by telephone. In close consultation with you and your decision-makers, we 'fine-tune' the content and the implementation planning.

Our experts adapt your workshops, journeys, seminars and training courses to the insights gained during the development measure(s).

Evaluation, reflection and agreement on follow-up steps and further accompanying steps ensure the sustainability of the goals achieved. Instead of only remembering fragments in everyday work, your team keeps in touch with the company's internal training academy – analog and/or digitally – which continuously accompanies them in the application of the methods they learned or developed together.

We analyze the level of effectiveness in your team and supplement the knowledge already acquired with appropriate follow-up sessions.

Monika V. Kronbügel

We support you in developing your organization in unison with your workforce so that you can reap the benefits of your successes together. Let's talk about your ideas.

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