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Future Work and Change Management Require a Strong, Competent Team.

In addition to our permanent staff and partners, Global DiVision also consists of a global network of independent specialists who bring more than 30 years of experience in human resources and organizational development to the table. Simply contact us!

Our partners and employees work for you in over 90 countries, creating an international network of well-founded know-how and expertise.

Gabriele Busch

Gabriele Busch
Gabriele Busch

Gabriele Busch is responsible for quality assurance and evaluation at Global DiVision.

She is a graduate psychologist (business psychology) and has specialized as a coach, trainer and consultant in accompanying executives and managers in their professional and personal orientation as well as personality development in an understanding and critical manner.

In particular, her expertise lies in areas where structural changes in companies mean that challenges need to be overcome and executives together with their teams have to be courageous and skillful in dealing with crisis and conflict.

She has been self-employed in Hamburg since 1983. Her territories are the German-speaking countries.


  • Qualified psychologist (business psychology)
  • Certified management coach (Germany academy of psychologists)
  • Certified according to the principles of “Werteorientierung in der Weiterbildung e.V.”
  • Former National Supervisory Psychologist (NSP) at Mensa e.V.
  • Assessment as sales coach (research institution coach assessment, Bundeswehrhochschule Hamburg, Prof. dr. Geissler)

Work Areas und Competences

  • Appraisal Work with and without evaluation tools
  • Trainer for leadership, sales management and work-life-balance
  • Business Coach
  • Management and team consulting/training
  • Conflict- and crisis management
  • Diplomacy coaching
  • Personality Structure Anaysis
  • Coach-trainer

Markus Guaiana

Markus Guaiana
Markus Guaiana

Markus Guaiana is responsible for the development topics of sales and distribution at Global DiVision.

He has been a freelance management trainer and consultant at his company, Impulsfabrik Wupperthal, since 1999.


  • Apprenticeship as electro mechanic at Deutschen Bundespost
  • Self-employed Real Estate Salesman
  • Sales representative for office communication with Canon Germany
  • Sales manager and major account management at Datalect GmbH
  • Branch manager at VANCO Euronet GmbH
  • Owner of Impulsfabrik Wuppertal

Work Areas und Competences

  • Communications training in the area of telephone, sales and leadership
  • Promote cross-departmental collaboration
  • Moderation of team meetings
  • Personality development, behavior and mediation
  • On-the-Job Coaching in the above-mentioned fields

Udo Keller

Udo Keller
Udo Keller
Udo Keller is responsible for process optimization in organizations at Global DiVision.
His personal motto is: "Business is Rock'n Roll" and true to this motto he stands with his company in the basement! consulting for straightforward action.


  • Owner and manager of keller! consulting
  • Chief executive of the “Basis der Selbstständigen e. V.”
  • Various qualifications in the field of management, personality development, organizational culture, motivation, sales, mediation and coaching
  • Independent entrepreneur since 1995
  • Consultant, trainer and coach
  • Previously: branch manager, acting auditor in FMCG
  • Previously: Key account manager Germany (food)

Work Areas und Competences

  • Strategic and operational human resource development
  • Staff and management training
  • Coaching and image consulting
  • Communication training
  • Public speaking and body language training
  • Training in conversational and negotiation skills
  • Facilitation of negotiation and mediation
  • Crisis and conflict management
  • Training in relationship management
  • Telephone, complaints and sales training
  • Team building and team leadership training
  • Corporate identity consulting
  • Helping to establish and transform corporate culture
  • Motivational seminars
  • Company-specific workshops
  • Co-facilitation of specialized events
  • Keynote lectures (business speaker)

Monika Kilb

Monika Kilb
Monika Kilb

Monika Kilb is responsible for certified coaching training according to international (EMCC) standards and quality assurance at Global DiVision.

It is the only one in Germany that is authorized by the European Mentoring & Coaching Council for certified coaching training.

Since 2004, Monika and her TEAM BENEDIKT have been successfully promoting the topic of value-conscious development for people and organizations.


  • Coach training supervisory (partly in collaboration with Father Anselm Grün), 6-step COACHING CURRICULUM
  • Individual and team coaching
  • Certified coach
  • Member of various social institutions
  • Graduate engineer in production technology
  • International Sales Management
  • Retail and wholesale development
  • product management
  • Business development management and consulting
  • Organizational structures & strategy

Work Areas und Competences

  • Analysis of the current situation
  • Planning and implementation of individual development programs
  • Functional, professional and personality coaching
  • Individual and team coaching
  • Team development as a management task
  • Conduct employee interviews professionally
  • Roles and tasks of the manager
  • Moderation
  • Complaint management
  • Introduction of win-win oriented negotiation methods

Dr. Monika V. Kronbügel

Dr. Monika V. Kronbügel
Dr. Monika V. Kronbügel

Intercultural competence is Dr. Monika V. Kronbügel’s focus and the theme of the work she began in international purchasing and sales at various global companies. In 2006 she founded the MVKonsult International Business Development in Großhansdorf near Hamburg. From here, she supported the activities of companies in international markets and the objectives of foreign firms in Germany

Nowadays, within Global DiVision Dr. Monika V. Kronbügel focuses on national and preliminary international partner management. Today she is using her individual long-term experience, being a consultant, trainer and coach, for the internal development of employees and leaders in tailor-made development programs.

Dr. Monika V. Kronbügel‘s dissertation is about “Cross-cultural influences as a success factor for international business whilst considering the consequences of cross-cultural training.”

She developed the ITMC method for personnel and organizational development in companies.


  • International Business Administration qualification from the Euro Business College in Hamburg
  • PhD. degree in international marketing and human resources from the Management Faculty of Bratislava
  • Member of various charitable organizations
  • Chairwoman of the Advisory Board and member of various committees in business, politics and NGOs
  • International Personnel & Marketing Management

Arbeitsbereiche und Kompetenzen

  • Personnel & partner management
  • International project management & training consultancy
  • Cross-cultural skills
  • Leadership & executive (business) coaching
  • Personal development
  • Recruiting, headhunting, AC Supervision
  • Retail & wholesale development
  • Business development management & consultancy quality management (ISO)

Bernd F. Meyer

Bernd F. Meyer
Bernd F. Meyer

Bernd F Meyer is responsible for the Global DiVision Digital, designs/manages training courses (presence & digital/online) and accompanies change processes.

In 1994 he founded bfmeyer International Intercultural in Nuremberg/Erlangen and since then has been supporting companies in the preparation, implementation and optimization of their international activities, especially in the areas of intercultural leadership and sales.


  • Diploma in Business Administration
  • Diplôme International de Management
  • European Business Coach (certified training according to DIN and ICS standards)
  • DIN-certified Business Coach

Work Areas und Competences

  • International Negotiations
  • Works Council - Basic and Advanced Training
  • Sales Psychology (lecture FH)
  • Business/Management/Team Coaching
  • Business Development Consultancy
  • Intercultural Training
  • Personality Structure Analysis
  • Accompaniment of Change Processes

Susanne Mueller

Susanne Müller
Susanne Müller

Susanne Mueller Vice President Northern & Central America Global DiVision GmbH.

She is Swiss and chose the "Big Apple", New York, as the center of her life many years ago. Susanne is the owner and managing director of Susanne Mueller Consulting, New York.

Her hobbies are Triathlon (Ironman distance 140.6), Marathon, Yoga, Skydiving. In 2012 she conquered successfully the highest point in Africa Mt. Kilimanjaro. What is next?
With her books “Professional Coaching using Sports Strategies”, "Take it from the Iron Woman" and "Lipstick-Leadership" she is combing sports- and business coaching for everyone, who works in the coaching field.


  • MA in Organizational Development & Leadership, Columbia University, New York
  • BA in Psychology, Marymount Manhattan College, New York
  • Executive Coaching Certification, Columbia University, New York
  • Adjunct Professor at New York University, (Coaching Certification Program, Human Capital Department)
  • LATAM Business School, Director New York Campus & Professor Online Executive Program (OEP – Game Changing Leadership)
  • Facilitator TEAM UP – Mindfulness Training
  • Running Coach, New York Road Runner, New York
  • Author and weekly blogger – themed E=PL3, Energy, Play, Lifelong learning
  • previously: Nestlé, Swiss Mission to the United Nations, Swiss Airlines.

Work Areas und Competences

  • Executive Coaching
  • Cross cultural awareness across generations
  • Leadership development & strategy
  • Career planning & development
  • Team building & team development
  • Group Coaching / team building
  • Mentoring Initiatives: Cherie Blair & WEDO Global – women empowerment & Leadership
  • Lecturer & Keynote speaker
Monika V. Kronbügel

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